Unicode Han Character 'a swelled belly; dropsical; to swell; inflated' (U+75EE)

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Unicode Han Data
kCNS1986 E-427C
kJapaneseOn CHOU
kSemanticVariant U+8139<kMatthews
kJIS0213 2,81,53
kKPS1 5BC7
kRSKangXi 104.8
kJis1 4563
kDefinition a swelled belly; dropsical; to swell; inflated
kJapaneseKun HUKURERU
kRSAdobe_Japan1_6 C+18151+104.5.8 C+18151+168.8.5
kHanyuPinyin 42678.010:zhàng
kCNS1992 3-427C
kCCCII 24613F
kGB5 6075
kMandarin zhàng
HTML Entity (decimal) &#30190;
HTML Entity (hex) &#x75ee;
How to type in Microsoft Windows Alt +75EE
UTF-8 (hex) 0xE7 0x97 0xAE (e797ae)
UTF-8 (binary) 11100111:10010111:10101110
UTF-16 (hex) 0x75EE (75ee)
UTF-16 (decimal) 30,190
UTF-32 (hex) 0x000075EE (75ee)
UTF-32 (decimal) 30,190
C/C++/Java source code "\u75EE"
Python source code u"\u75EE"
Java Data
Character.charCount() 1
Character.getDirectionality() DIRECTIONALITY_LEFT_TO_RIGHT [0]
Character.getNumericValue() -1
Character.getType() 5
Character.isDefined() Yes
Character.isDigit() No
Character.isIdentifierIgnorable() No
Character.isISOControl() No
Character.isJavaIdentifierPart() Yes
Character.isJavaIdentifierStart() Yes
Character.isLetter() Yes
Character.isLetterOrDigit() Yes
Character.isLowerCase() No
Character.isMirrored() No
Character.isSpaceChar() No
Character.isSupplementaryCodePoint() No
Character.isTitleCase() No
Character.isUnicodeIdentifierPart() Yes
Character.isUnicodeIdentifierStart() Yes
Character.isUpperCase() No
Character.isValidCodePoint() Yes
Character.isWhitespace() No