Archive for January 2007

Archive for January 2007

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1/13/2007 XML vs. JSON vs. ???

1/13/2007 Problems with certain valid JPEG files

1/13/2007 Digital Preservation Overview

1/13/2007 Rant on the lack of a OneNote viewer.

1/13/2007 Microsoft's HD Photo file format

1/23/2007 How To Choose CD/DVD Archival Media

1/23/2007 Microsoft Windows Version Resources

1/27/2007 Minnesota proposes law to preserve state documents

1/27/2007 MSOfficeXML Markup Compatibility

1/27/2007 Media Player File Format Security Holes on Linux

1/27/2007 Microsoft VHD Test Drive Program

1/31/2007 (updated 8/28/11) Links for January 2007