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  charset.htm Character set conversion via java.nio.charset 2024-05-08 03:00Z 3.1 KB  more info
  trcustom.htm Custom .tr Configuration 2024-05-08 03:00Z 2.0 KB  more info dos2unix: convert text files from MS-DOS/Windows to Unix 2023-12-24 03:15Z 9.8 KB  more info dos2utf8: convert MS-DOS/PC-DOS text files to UTF 2023-12-24 03:15Z 12.1 KB  more info
  tredit.htm Edit byte for translation for custom .tr 2024-05-08 03:00Z 3.9 KB  more info
  htmlcleaner.htm HTML Cleanup 2024-05-08 03:00Z 2.7 KB  more info
  base64decoder.htm Online Base64 Decoder 2024-05-08 03:00Z 3.5 KB  more info
  punycode-encoder-decoder.htm Online Punycode Encoder/Decoder 2024-05-08 03:00Z 3.7 KB  more info
  url-encoder-decoder.htm Online URL Encoder/Decoder 2024-05-08 03:00Z 3.4 KB  more info pureascii: remove non-ASCII characters 2023-12-24 03:15Z 3.7 KB  more info switch to all upper/lower case 2023-12-24 03:15Z 6.9 KB  more info
  index.htm Text Conversions 2024-05-08 03:00Z 799.0 B  more info
  international.htm Unicode “International” Converter 2024-05-08 03:00Z 4.5 KB  more info
  upside-down.htm Unicode Upside-Down Converter 2024-05-08 03:00Z 2.5 KB  more info
  upside-down-map.htm Unicode Upside-Down Mapping 2024-05-08 03:00Z 3.0 KB  more info unix2dos: convert text files from Unix to MS-DOS/Windows 2023-12-24 03:15Z 9.8 KB  more info
  utf2utf.htm UTF to UTF conversion 2024-05-08 03:00Z 2.7 KB  more info