File Extensions beginning with the letter 'A'

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A (1) ADA programming language source code
a archive
A Object code library
A (2) UNIX Library
A11 Picture; AIIM
A3L Authorware 3.x library file
A3M unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh file
A3W unpackaged Authorware windows file
A4L Authorware 4.x library file
A4M unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh file
A4P Authorware file packaged without runtime
A4W unpackaged Authorware windows file
A5L Authorware 5.x library file
A5W unpackaged Authorware windows file
A86 Assembly Language Source Code (old 8086 convention); see ASM
aa4 MASS11
aa5 MASS11
aa6 MASS11
aa7 MASS11
aa8 MASS11
AAF Advanced Authoring Format. Multimedia: details
AAM Picture; Macromedia ShockWave
AAM Authorware shocked file
AAS Movie Clip; Autodesk Animation Setup; used by Compton's Reference Collection
AAS Authorware shocked packet
AB6 ABStat
AB8 ABStat
ABC ABC FlowCharter flow chart
ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font
ABK Corel Draw AutoBackup
ABK (2) HP-95 Appointment book
ABK (1) Corel Draw automatic Backup
abr Adobe brush
ABS Sometimes used to denote an abstract (as in an abstract or summary of a scientific paper) AutoBackup
ABS Abscissa Data
ABX Database; Corel WordPerfect address book
ACA Project Manager Workbench
ACB Picture; ACMB
ACC (3) Atari ST program
ACC (1) Microsoft Image Composer.acc
ACE Archive
ACE Compression format associated with a program called The Ace Archiver
ACF Aircraft from X-Plane.
ACL Corel Draw 6 keyboard accelerator
ACL (1) Automatic Correction List for Microsoft Office 7.0a or later (WINDOWSUSER000.ACL -- release 7.0 used WINDOWSUSER)
ACL (2) Corel Draw keyboard accelerator
ACM Audio compression manager driver
ACM Windows system directory file
ACM Driver; Audio Compression Manager (Mapper), TrueSpeech Audio Decoder
ACP Microsoft Office Assistant Preview file
ACP Microsoft Office 97 Actor Preview; see ACT
ACR American College of Radiology: a raster image file.
act Adobe color table
ACT (4) Picture; Action
ACT (3) Actor source
ACT (5) Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop Custom Color Table
ACT Microsoft Office Assistant Actor file
ACT (2) Microsoft Office 97 Actor for help system
ACT (1) FoxPro Action Diagram
ACV OS/2 drivers that compress and decompress audio data
ACX Atari ST program
AD After Dark screensaver
AD After Dark screen saver; see ADM, ADR
ad Afterdark Screen Saver File
ADA Source Code; ADA programming language
ADA Ada source text (non-GNAT)
ADB Ada source text body (GNAT)
ADB ADA programming language package body
ADB Appointment database used by HP 100LX organizer
ADC Bitmap Picture; Scan Studio
ADD Device Driver; Adapter Device Driver
ADD OS/2 adapter drivers used in the boot process
ADF Amiga disk file
ADF Administration configuration files
ADF Configuration; Windows Administration configuration file; INI
ADI AutoCAD Device-Independent Binary Plotter Format
ADI AutoCAD device-independent binary plotter format
ADI Picture, AutoCAD; see PLT
ADM (1) Configuration; Microsoft Windows Setup Network Administration
ADM After Dark MultiModule screensaver
ADM Windows NT policy template
ADM (2) After Dark screen saver Multi-module; see AD
ADN Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS Add-in program (between an overlay and a DLL)
ADO Adobe Photoshop Duotone options
ADP Used by FaxWorks to do setup for fax modem interaction
ADP Astound Dynamite file
ADR (1) Database; Address book
ADR (2) After Dark screen saver randomizer; see AD
ADR Smart Address address book
ADR After Dark Randomizer screensaver
ADS Ada source text specification (GNAT)
ADS ADA programming language package specification
ADT (1) Data; Hewlett-Packard NewWave card file
ADT (2) Fax Document; AdTech
ADX (2) Database Index; Lotus Approach Database; see OYZ, VEW
ADX (1) Document; Archetype Designer
AEH Document; Advanced Encapsulated Hypertext
AF2 Flow Chart; Micrografx ABC
af2 MicroGrafx ABC FlowCharter v2
AF2 ABC Flowchart file
af3 MicroGrafx ABC FlowCharter v3+
AF3 Flow Chart; Micrografx ABC
AF3 ABC Flowchart file
AF5 Font; Adobe Type Manager Font Set
AFF Audio
AFI Bitmap Picture; TrueVision
AFL Font; Lotus 1-2-3 Always
AFM Adobe Font Metrics. Binary information about a font.
AFM Hewlett-Packard NewWave card file
AFP Advanced Function Presentation (originally Advanced Function Printing). IBM page description language. <a href=""
AFP Micrografx ABC FlowCharter Symbol Palette
AFP Active FoxPro Page. Microsoft FoxPro variation on Active Server Pages
AFS Adobe Type Manager Font set
AFT Micrografx ABC FlowCharter Template
AFW Micrografx ABC FlowCharter Workspace
AG Amiga Guide
AGN Data; PSION Series 3 Agenda; see OPL
AI Adobe Illustrator file. A vector image. Details [ai] application/postscript
AIF KnowledgeWare Setup Information
AIF Audio Interchange File. Same as AIFF [AIFF]
AIFC Audio Interchange File-Compressed. Compressed version of AIFF [AIFF]
AIFF Audio Interchange File Format [AIFF]
AIM AOL Instant Messenger Launch
AIN Archive
AIO APL Programming Language
AIP Adobe Illustrator plug-in
AIR Adobe Integrated Runtime. A fat-client application written with in Adobe's Flash/Flex/AIR tools [air]
AIS ACDSee Image Sequence file
AIS Bitmap Picture; Xerox intensity samples (Array of Intensity Samples)
AIS Velvet Studio Instruments
AIX Data; Hewlett-Packard NewWave card file
AKAI Sound; Akai MIDI Digital Sampler
AKW Contains all A-keywords in the RoboHELP Help project Index Designer not associated with topics
AL Sound; Sun; same as ALAW
ALAW Sound; Sun
ALAW European telephony format audio
ALB JASC Image Commander album
ALB Picture; JASC Image Commander
ALF Text
ALL (2) Lotus 1-2-3 Always; see AND
ALL Arts & Letters Library
ALL (3) Arts & Letters Font
ALL (1) WordPerfect printer information
ALT Data; WordPerfect menu
ALX Application Loader XML. A file with information about a RIM Blackberry application.
ALX Internet script language defines 2-D layout (ActiveX layout file)
AM Sound; AM Module
AMD Sound; AMUSiC Tracker
AMF (2) Amiga Metafile
AMF (1) Sound; Advanced Module Format
AMG (1) Actor
AMG (2) Archive
AMM Sound; Audio Manager Module
AMS Velvet Studio music module (MOD) file
AMS Extreme's Tracker module format
AMX Anark GameFace 3D Model.
ANC Canon Computer Pattern Maker file that is a selectable list of pattern colors
ANI (2) Picture; Atari ST
ANI Animated Cursors
ANI (1) Microsoft Windows Animated Cursor
ANI Animated cursor in a Microsoft Windows system
ANI Animated pointer
ani animation
ANM Picture; Deluxe Paint Animator; IFF file format
ANN Microsoft Windows Help Annotation
ans MS-DOS ANSI File
ANS ANSI text file
ANS Document; Text With Layout (ANSI)
ANT Sim-Ant
ANT SimAnt for Windows saved game file
AOL America Online; see AIM
AOS Nokia 9000 Add-on
AP (1) Datalex EntryPoiint
AP (2) Archive; Amiga, created by WHAP
APD Printer Driver; Adobe PageMaker
APE Monkey's Audio file. A lossless compression of audio data. Details.
API (1) Adobe Photoshop Ink Profile
API (2) Dynamic Link Library; Adobe Acrobat 3.0 Plug-in
api Acrobat Plug-In
API Application Program Interface file; used by Adobe Acrobat
APL Source Code; APL Programming Language
APM Drawing Aldus Placable Metafile
APNG Animated Portable Network Graphics (PNG). Animated raster image. It is backwards compatible with regular PNG files, and often uses the .PNG extension. spec.
APP (3) Atari ST Application
APP (4) NeXT Application
APP (1) Database Application; dBase, FoxPro, R:Base Application
APP (2) Lotus Symphony Application
application Microsoft Clickonce Application [ms-clickonce] application/x-ms-application
APR (1) Lotus Approach Database views; see OYZ, VEW
APR Lotus Approach 97 file
APR (2) Document; Employee Appraiser employee review
APS Binary version of Resource for Microsoft Visual C++
APS Microsoft Visual C++ file
APT Database; Lotus Approach Database; compressed, for Internet distribution
APX (2) Borland C++ App-Expert
APX (1) Paradox Database information for Lotus Approach
ARC Archieve files
arc compressed file
ARC Archive; Squash or ARC
ARC LH ARC (old version) compressed archive
arc Pkarc Compressed File
ARC Archive
ARF Automatic response file
ARI Aristotle audio file
ARJ Robert Jung ARJ compressed archive
ARJ Archive
arj compressed file
arj ARJ compression
ARJ Archieve files
ARK Archive; CP/M; ARC or Quark
ARR Atari Cubase
ART (5) Clipart; Central Point Scrapbook
ART (3) (MIME: image/x-jg)
ART Xara Studio drawing
ART (2) Picture; First Publisher
ART (1) Vector Drawing; Xara Studio
ART Another Ray Tracer format
ART Clip Art file format
ART Canon Crayola art file
ART Used by AOL to designate files compressed using the Johson-Grace compreession algorithm
ART (4) Bitmap Picture; Atari ST
ART Another Ray Tracer
AS Applix Anywhere Office
ASA Microsoft Active Server Application
ASA Microsoft Visual InterDev file
asa only global.asa
ASB Picture; Atari ST
asc ASCII text file
ASC PGP armored encrypted file
asc ASCII data
ASC Text; ASCII Text
ASD (1) Presentation; Astound presentation
ASD WinWord AutoSave
ASD (2) Microsoft Word for Windows Auto-save temporary Document
ASD Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) description file; opens with NSREX
ASE Velvet Studio sample
ASF (1) StatGraphics
ASF Microsoft-proprietary Advanced System Format. Can contain either (or both) audio and video, usually in non-Microsoft codecs.
ASH Assembly language include; Borland TASM; see INC
ASI Include; Assembly language header; Borland TASM, uncommon see INC
ASM Assembly Source Code; see CAS
asm assembler source code
ASM Assembler language source file
ASM Pro/E assembly file
ASO Astound Dynamite Objects
ASO Assembly Source Code; Borland TASM, object oriented; see ASM
ASP Active Server Page (an HTML file containing a Microsoft server-processed script)
ASP (1) Active Server Page; Internet script; see HTM
ASP (2) Terminal Program
ASP (5) Text; Association of Shareware Professionals
ASP (4) Software Publishing Corp. ASAP WordPower WebShow presentation
ASP (3) Procomm Plus Program Script
ASP Astound Presentation file
asp Active Server Pages
ASP Procomm Plus setup and connection script
ASR Microsoft Automap Street Route
ass assembler source code
ASS Assistance for the blind?
AST Claris Works "assistant" file
AST Astound multimedia file
ASV DataCAD Autosave file
ASX Video file
ASX Active Streaming Format, Internet Document; see ASF (MIME: video/x-ms-asf)
ASX Cheyenne Backup script
ASX Metafile which points to an ASF structured file (.ASF)
AT2 Aldus Persuasion Template
Atari ST Graphics File Formats
ATD Microsoft Systems Management Server SMSADDIN.EXE tool registration
ATM Adobe Type Manager
ATT AT&T Group 4 bitmap
ATT Bitmap Picture; AT&T Group IV fax
ATW AnyTime Deluxe for Windows personal information manager file from Individual Software MultiModule screensaver
au audio [AU]
AVA Document; Avagio Publication
AVB Microsoft Internet Chat
AVB Inculan Anti-Virus virus infected file
avi audio-video interleaved (movie)
AVI Movie Clip; Video Clip (Audio Video Interleave); see AAF, ASF (MIME: video/avi)
AVI Video clip
AVI Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved file format for Windows movie
AVI Videofiles
AVR Audio Visual Research file format
AVS Application Visualization System
AVS Application Visualization System format
AW (1) Help Wizard; Answer Wizard for Microsoft Help files
AW (2) Document; Hewlett-Packard Advance Write
AWD Microsoft Fax Viewer Document (which was originally called the "At Work Fax" Viewer). Raster image.
AWK AWK programming language
AWM Video; Animation Works
AWP Microsoft Fax key viewer
AWP FAX key viewer
AWR Telsis file extension format for digitally stored audio.
AWS (2) StatGraphics
AWS FAX signature viewer
AWS (1) Microsoft Fax Document; Fax signature
AWX (2) Custom AppWizard (Delphi?)
AWX (1) Fax Document
AXI Clipart; Axiom Composite File Management System (MetaToolsFile Kai's Power Goo Picture Library)
AXS HTML; ActiveX Script
AXX ARJ compressed files from a multi-volume archive (xx = a number from 01 to 99)