File Extensions beginning with the letter 'A'

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a archive []
aa4 MASS11 []
aa5 MASS11 []
aa6 MASS11 []
aa7 MASS11 []
aa8 MASS11 []
abr Adobe brush []
act Adobe color table []
ad Afterdark Screen Saver File []
af2 MicroGrafx ABC FlowCharter v2 []
af3 MicroGrafx ABC FlowCharter v3+ []
ani animation []
ans MS-DOS ANSI File []
api Acrobat Plug-In []
application Microsoft Clickonce Application [ms-clickonce] application/x-ms-application
arc compressed file []
arc Pkarc Compressed File []
arj compressed file []
arj ARJ compression []
asa only global.asa []
asc ASCII data []
asc ASCII text file []
asm assembler source code []
asp Active Server Pages []
ass assembler source code []
au audio [AU]
avi audio-video interleaved (movie) []