Details about Microsoft Windows Bitmap

Details about Microsoft Windows Bitmap

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Date Added Extension Description MIME Type
2004-06-29 bmp Bitmap. Microsoft-proprietary raster image file.

Third Party Resources

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Type File name Description Size
Sample File BLK.BMP 86,454
Sample File BLU.BMP 86,454
Specification BMPDIB.TXT the DIB format extension to BMP 35,413
Specification BMP.TXT 40,065
Sample File FLAG_B24.BMP 46,182
Sample File GRN.BMP 86,454
Sample File LAND2.BMP 787,510
Sample File LAND3.BMP 153,718
Sample File LAND.BMP 787,510
Sample File MARBLES.BMP 4,264,316
Sample File RAY.BMP 1,440,054
Sample File RED.BMP 86,454
Sample File TRU256.BMP 49,206
Sample File VENUS.BMP 46,078
Sample File WHT.BMP 86,454
Sample File XING_B24.BMP 118,134
Sample File YEL.BMP 86,454

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