Details about FITS

Details about FITS

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Third Party Resources

Title Description
Books Graphics File Formats: Reference and Guide
Books Graphics Files Formats, 2nd Edition


Type File name Description Size
Specification AAREADME.TXT general overview information about the FITS format 10,487
Sample File C2063005.IMG 672,980
Sample File C2065022.IMG 671,744
Specification FITS_BAS.TXT information that is updated by NASA on a monthly basis and posted to USENET 30,518
Specification FITS_SRC.TXT lists where sources of FITS information, including a FAQ, can be found. This material is updated periodically by the FITS Support Office at NASA GSFC. 6,865
Specification FORMAT.TXT the FITS format 138,448
Sample File MARBLES.FIT 1,425,600
Sample File SPLIT.FIT 538,560
Sample File SWP05569.FIT 388,800
Sample File SWP05569.LST 16,491
Specification XTENSION.TXT extensions to the basic FITS format 2,758

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