FITS Official Specifications

Name Description Last Modified Size  
AAREADME.TXT general overview information about the FITS format 4/27/06, 6:29 AM 10,487 View Download Info
FITS_BAS.TXT information that is updated by NASA on a monthly basis and posted to USENET 4/27/06, 6:40 AM 30,518 View Download Info
FITS_SRC.TXT lists where sources of FITS information, including a FAQ, can be found. This material is updated periodically by the FITS Support Office at NASA GSFC. 4/27/06, 6:29 AM 6,865 View Download Info
FORMAT.TXT the FITS format 4/27/06, 6:39 AM 138,448 View Download Info
XTENSION.TXT extensions to the basic FITS format 4/27/06, 6:40 AM 2,758 View Download Info

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