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	(File last updated 12 February 1992 UT 2115)

                     Registered Extensions to FITS
                        IAU FITS Working Group
                            Preben Grosbol

 Extensions to the basic FITS format can be defined as specified in
Grosbol et al. (Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. 73, p359-364, 1988). The IAU
FITS Working Group (WG) under Commission 5 registers the names of such
conforming extensions. The status of a given extension can have one of
the following levels: 

   Status   Remarks
     S      Standard FITS extension accepted by the IAU FITS WG
            and recommended by the IAU.
     P      Proposal for FITS extension accepted by local FITS
            committees but not yet by the IAU FITS WG.
     D      Draft proposal to be discussed in local FITS commitees.
     R      Reserved FITS extension name for which a full draft proposal
            has not yet been submitted.
     L      Local FITS extension which has a limited scope only.

The table below gives a list of known names of FITS extension formats,
their status and reference organization:

      Ext-name   Status  Ref.   Remarks
     'TABLE   '    S     IAU    Defined in Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. 73,
                                p365-372, (1988).
     'BINTABLE'    D     IAU    Draft Proposal by W.Cotton and D.Tody
                                September 20, 1991.

     'IMAGE   '    D     IUE    Draft Proposal by J. D. Ponz, 
				R. W. Thompson, and J. R. Munoz;
				Feb. 7, 1992

     'COMPRESS'    R     GSFC   Suggested extension name (by A.Warnock);
                                Preliminary proposal.

     'FILEMARK'    R     NRAO   Suggested extension name (by D.Wells);
                                No full proposal submitted.

     'DUMP    '    R      -     Suggested extension name for binary dumps;
                                No full proposal submitted.

     'A3DTABLE'    L     NRAO   Extension used by AIPS and defined in
                                the 'Going AIPS' Manual Chapter 14.

     'IUEIMAGE'    L     IUE    Local extension defined for archiving
                                of special IUE data products.

Anyone who wants to register a FITS extension name should contact
either the NOST FITS Support Office
('[email protected]' or 'NSSDCA::BSCHLESINGER') or the
Chairman of the IAU FITS Working Group ('[email protected]' or
'ESO::PGROSBOL'). A short description and justification should be
submitted together with the request for registration.