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Details about [msofficexml]


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Blog Entry Battle Lines in the Document Format Wars Both Microsoft and the OpenDocument camp are forming alliances to promote their respective formats.
Blog Entry Double-talk from Microsoft's Mike Champion A blog post from Mike Champion on the Microsoft XML Team really exemplifies the double-talk coming from Microsoft after the Massachusetts OpenDocument decision.
Blog Entry First draft of the MSOfficeXML file format has been released The first draft of Microsoft Office's new XML file format documentation has been released by ECMA. It weighs in at a whopping 4,000 pages.
Blog Entry Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for MSOfficeXML File Formats (Beta 2) Microsoft announced the beta 2 of the Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats for MSOfficeXP and MSOffice2003.
Blog Entry Microsoft Office to support OpenDocument Microsoft has announced that they will support the OpenDocument file format in MSOffice 2007. While I thought it was inevitable, it is still a gutsy move by Microsoft.
Blog Entry Microsoft Office XML Microsoft recently released (under license) the documentation for the new XML formats used by Microsoft Office 2003. This is why I think there has not been much uptake on it so far.
Blog Entry Microsoft Office XML Final Draft is Released The final draft of the ECMA standard for Microsoft's Office XML file formats has been released.
Blog Entry Microsoft submits the new MSOfficeXML file formats to ECMA Microsoft has decided to submit the new MSOfficeXML file formats to ECMA. They also are tweaking the licensing to try to appease customers that want an "pen"standard. I am somewhat skeptical.
Blog Entry Microsoft Tools for MSOfficeXML Microsoft has released several new tools for their new MSOfficeXML file formats that are included in MSOffice 2007.
Blog Entry Minnesota proposes law to preserve state documents The proposed Preservation of State Documents Act mandates an open and interoperable file format for all government documents. Seems like a no-brainer to me, but I'm sure Microsoft will try to derail it. Via Suzanne M. Fischer.
Blog Entry MSOfficeXML: Does long-term viability matter? Brian Jones's recent post Does tag size matter? points out the contradictions inherent in Microsoft's efforts to push the use of its new MSOfficeXML file formats.
Blog Entry MSOfficeXML fragmentation Joel Spolsky talks about how the decision to end VBA support in MSOffice for the Mac. Joel is right when he says it comes down to the cost/benefit analysis. When there is competition and money at stake, solutions can be found. When you have a captive audience, well, the sheep just have to understand.
Blog Entry MSOfficeXML ISO Standardization Saga The first round in the ISO standardization of Microsoft's new Office file formats in finally over: ISO 29500. The process was messy and complicated, with lots of conflicting claims, so I want to go over how I think the different players faired.
Blog Entry MSOfficeXML Markup Compatibility Interesting article from Wouter van Vugt on MSOfficeXML's Markup Compatibility which is the plan for how future versions will retain backward-compatibility.
Books Office 2003 XML

O'Reilly page with a sample chapter.

Simon St Laurent's writings

Blog Entry Strange ?proprietary? inclusions in MSOfficeXML? While reading an article from Doug Mahugh on MSOfficeXML packaging/file structure, I noticed a troubling section entitled "lternative Format Import Parts: AFChunks" His description makes them sound like they are necessary for backward compatiblity, but that they will not be fully documented.
Blog Entry Texas bill requiring open format A new bill introduced in Texas would require use of an open format for state documents. The definition of "pen"is worth reading. Via Sam Hiser via Slashdot.


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