The Microsoft Word .DOC File Format

Also known as: DOT

Original Documentation

The Microsoft Word programs store their documents in files. The info comes
from a magic file and my own (not working) sources, so it is very unreliable
except for identification.
OFFSET              Count TYPE   Description
0000h                   1 dword  ID=31BE00
0002h                   1 byte   Document type :
								 0 - MS Word text
								 1 - MS Text building block
								 2 - Printer description file(maybe wrong topic)
0003h                   1 byte   ID=00
0004h                   1 word   ID=AB00h
								 ToolID, different for the different versions ?
0006h                   6 word   reserved(0)
0008h                   1 dword  Textbytes??? Whatever
000Ch                   1 word   Paragraph information
000Eh                   1 word   Foot note table
0010h                   1 word   Section property
0012h                   1 word   Section table
0014h                   1 word   Page table
0016h                  64 char   Style sheet path
0056h                   1 word   Windows Write page count
								 Can be used to identify Windows Write files,
								 because it is 0 for MS Word and nonzero for
								 Windows Write documents.
0058h                   8 char   Printer name
								 Used under MS Word / WinWord only
0060h                   1 word   MS Word page count
0062h                   8 byte   Document properties
006Ah                   1 byte   Word version this file was made by
006Bh                   1 bool   Autosave flag
006Ch                   1 word   Word 5 page table
006Eh                   1 word   Mac bkmk (whatever)
0070h                   1 word   ?Offset of file name for autosave?
0072h                   1 word   Running head table
0074h                   1 word   Code page used making this document

PROGRAMS:MS Word,Windows Write, WinWord

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