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Details about [msword]

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Blog Entry Adam Barr's Open Letter to Jeff Raikes Adam Barr (a Microsoft developer, though not on MSOffice) writes an Open Letter to Jeff Raikes proposing that Microsoft open up the MSWord binary file format. He is right about the reasoning behind the Massachusetts decision: the logic that let's them support the Acrobat PDF format could apply to the MSWord binary format. But...
Websites ElcomSoft Password Recovery Software Forgot your password? Need to access some password-protected files or systems? Former employees leave without un-protecting their files? Passwords destroyed? Are you worried that your encrypted files may not be secure? We can help! Using our software you can easily recover passwords for the files created in most popular applications.
Blog Entry Massachusetts goes with the OpenDocument They mandate that all state organisations should use open standards for their documents, and specifically do <em>not</em> include upcoming MSOffice v12 XML formats. Wow. I think this is <em>great</em> news.
Blog Entry Microsoft announces new Office file formats The next version of MS Office will have a new set of file formats based on ZIP'ed XML files, and will use them by default. I'm having a tough time trying to come up with a neutral description of them. It is causing a huge stir in blogs and the tech press and is even making the mainstream press.
Blog Entry Microsoft Office XML Microsoft recently released (under license) the documentation for the new XML formats used by Microsoft Office 2003. This is why I think there has not been much uptake on it so far.
SDKs Offisor by Davisor Davisor Offisor converts popular but hard-to-search non-XML document formats (Word, PowerPoint, and HTML) into XML. And when we say converts, we mean it really converts: all non-XML content, style, structure, and meta-data are converted, including even images that are converted to standard SVG or PNG image formats. All this in an easy-to-use, 100% Java software component (no external software required).
Blog Entry Sun to offer online conversion of MSWord to OpenDocument Sun announced an online service to convert files from MSOffice/MSWord's proprietary formats to the new OpenDocument format. This is actually from November 2006 and I haven't seen anything else about it. It sounds like it is primarily to promote their new grid computing initiative and that there may be a cost associated with it. I am working on a similar service, which will be free (at least for smaller files). Via Richard MacManus.
SDKs XML Electronic Normalising of Archives (XENA) Open Source Digital Preservation Software from the National Archives of Australia


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