Outlook MSG file format


Type Encapsulated email message.
Originator Microsoft
Platform Microsoft Windows
Supporting Applications Microsoft Outlook


The following details were contributed by Peter Fiskerstrand.

Outlook MSG file format
Date: 31.03.2003
Email: peter.fiskerstrand [at] netcom.no
Feel free to send me comments about this doc.

MSG files are outlook messages saved as files.
They are saved as "COM stuctured storage OLE2 compound documents" or "DocFile", which is the
same technique used by Word, Excel and many many more.

To view the contents of a "DocFile", you can use DFVIEW.EXE (shipped with MS Visual C++ 6.0).
Or you can decode it yourself. This text does not help you to do that, but assumes you already
know about compound files. More info at http://www.wotsit.org

If you open a .msg file you will see many streams. Here's an example:


Nameid, recip and attach are "folders" which contain substgs.
Properties contains some binary data.

Attach contains an attachment (a file, a picture, a new mail message etc.).
Recip contains information about a recipient.
The #00000000 is just the count. If you have five attachments, they are numbered 0-4.

Each substg contains a piece of information. The first four of the eight digits at the end
tells you what kind of information this is. (Property). The last four digits tells you the
type (binary, ascii, unicode etc.)

If you open a substg that has 001E at the end, you wil see plain ascii text inside.
0102 means binary information. There are other types, but they are rarely used.

Back to the first four digits, the property types:

001A means Message Class. It can contain one of the following:
	IPM.Note		<- a regular e-mail
	IPM.Contact		<- a contact (name, address, phone etc.)
	IPM.Post		<- a post-it note
	IPM.Activity		<- a calendar event
	IPM.Task		<- a task

	or special cases like:

Here are some other property types (some of them are guesswork):

0x001A: Message class
0x0037: Subject
0x003D: Subject prefix
0x0040: Received by name
0x0042: Sent repr name
0x0044: Rcvd repr name
0x004D: Org author name
0x0050: Reply rcipnt names
0x005A: Org sender name
0x0064: Sent repr adrtype
0x0065: Sent repr email
0x0070: Topic
0x0075: Rcvd by adrtype
0x0076: Rcvd by email
0x0077: Repr adrtype
0x0078: Repr email
0x007d: Message header
0x0C1A: Sender name
0x0C1E: Sender adr type
0x0C1F: Sender email
0x0E02: Display BCC
0x0E03: Display CC
0x0E04: Display To
0x0E1D: Subject (normalized)
0x0E28: Recvd account1(?)
0x0E29: Recvd account2(?)
0x1000: Message body		<- This is the message body
0x1008: RTF sync body tag
0x1035: Message ID (?)
0x1046: Sender email(?)
0x3001: Display name
0x3002: Address type
0x3003: Email address
0x39FE: 7-bit email (?)
0x39FF: 7-bit display name

//Attachments (37xx):
0x3701: Attachment data		<- This is the binary attachment
0x3703: Attach extension
0x3704: Attach filename
0x3707: Attach long filenm
0x370E: Attach mime tag
0x3712: Attach ID (?)

//Address book (3Axx):
0x3A00: Account
0x3A02: Callback phone no
0x3A05: Generation
0x3A06: Given name
0x3A08: Business phone
0x3A09: Home phone
0x3A0A: Initials
0x3A0B: Keyword
0x3A0C: Language
0x3A0D: Location
0x3A11: Surname
0x3A15: Postal address
0x3A16: Company name
0x3A17: Title
0x3A18: Department
0x3A19: Office location
0x3A1A: Primary phone
0x3A1B: Business phone 2
0x3A1C: Mobile phone
0x3A1D: Radio phone no
0x3A1E: Car phone no
0x3A1F: Other phone
0x3A20: Transmit dispname
0x3A21: Pager
0x3A22: User certificate
0x3A23: Primary Fax
0x3A24: Business Fax
0x3A25: Home Fax
0x3A26: Country
0x3A27: Locality
0x3A28: State/Province
0x3A29: Street address
0x3A2A: Postal Code
0x3A2B: Post Office Box
0x3A2C: Telex
0x3A2D: ISDN
0x3A2E: Assistant phone
0x3A2F: Home phone 2
0x3A30: Assistant
0x3A44: Middle name
0x3A45: Dispname prefix
0x3A46: Profession
0x3A48: Spouse name
0x3A4B: TTYTTD radio phone
0x3A4C: FTP site
0x3A4E: Manager name
0x3A4F: Nickname
0x3A51: Business homepage
0x3A57: Company main phone
0x3A58: Childrens names
0x3A59: Home City
0x3A5A: Home Country
0x3A5B: Home Postal Code
0x3A5C: Home State/Provnce
0x3A5D: Home Street
0x3A5F: Other adr City
0x3A60: Other adr Country
0x3A61: Other adr PostCode
0x3A62: Other adr Province
0x3A63: Other adr Street
0x3A64: Other adr PO box

0x3FF7: Server   (?)
0x3FF8: Creator1 (?)
0x3FFA: Creator2 (?)
0x3FFC: To email (?)
0x403D: To adrtype(?)
0x403E: To email (?)
0x5FF6: To       (?)