Unix/Linux man Pages

man (short for "manual") pages are the Unix/Linux way of documenting things.

This is a mirror of the ones that apply to file formats.

Section Description
1 User commands that may be started by everyone.
2 System calls, that is, functions provided by the kernel.
3 Subroutines, that is, library functions.
4 Devices, that is, special files in the /dev directory.
5 File format descriptions, e.g. /etc/passwd.
6 Games, self-explanatory.
7 Miscellaneous, e.g. macro packages, conventions.
8 System administration tools that only root can execute.
9 Another (Linux specific) place for kernel routine documentation.
n (Deprecated) New documentation, that may be moved to a more appropriate section.
o (Deprecated) Old documentation, that may be kept for a grace period.
l (Deprecated) Local documentation referring to this particular system.