Media Type 'application/commonground' Details

Media Type 'application/commonground' Details

Basic Info
Media Type application
subtype commonground
Registered? Yes
See also Glazer

Tags: (none)

File Formats: (none)


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 17:47:18 -0700
From: David Glazer <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Registration of new Media Type application/commonground

  The commonground file format does have versions (two
  at the moment).  They *are* internally documented with a file signature,
  allowing commonground viewers to automatically handle both old and new
  format files.  Therefore, I don't believe a 'version' parameter is needed.

   Media Type name: application
Media Subtype name: commonground

  A Content-Type of "application/commonground" indicates a document in
  the Common Ground portable file format, also known as Digital Paper.

Required parameters: none
Optional parameters: none

Encoding considerations:
  Common Ground files are in a binary format. Some encoding will be
  necessary for MIME mailers as in application/octet-stream.

  Common Ground files for the Macintosh are encoded in the data fork
  of a Macintosh file.  The file type is APPL, the creator is CGVM.

Security considerations:
  None known.

Published specification:

  Specification by example:
    From any version of the Common Ground full viewer, select "Save As..."
    from the "File" menu.  Enter a filename and click "Save".

  Paper specification:
    The format will be available upon request from the address below,
    beginning in the middle of 1995.

Person & email address to contact for further information:

  Nick Gault
  No Hands Software
  1301 Shoreway Road, Suite 220
  Belmont, CA  94002

  [email protected]