Media Type 'application/tve-trigger' Details

Media Type 'application/tve-trigger' Details

Basic Info
Media Type application
subtype tve-trigger
Registered? Yes
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Tags: (none)

File Formats: (none)



   To: [email protected]
   Subject: Registration of MIME media type application/tve-trigger

   MIME media type name: application

   MIME subtype name: tve-trigger

   Required parameters: none

   Optional parameters: none

   Encoding considerations:

"application/tve-trigger" is the MIME media type associated with 
the data sent to a trigger receiver object, in an enhanced TV 
application, conforming to the [SMPTE-DDE1] standard. The media 
type is used to instantiate a trigger receiver object on a TV 
enhancement HTML page. The trigger receiver object is executable 
code implemented by a TV receiver.

Sample instantiation:

<OBJECT TYPE="application/tve-trigger" ID="triggerReceiverObj"> 

The OBJECT tag must be void of content. The TYPE and ID 
attributes must be set as shown in the example. 

The trigger receiver object processes messages, called triggers, 
transmitted in a TV signal for the associated TV enhancement. 

Triggers are text based, and their syntax follows the basic 
format of the [EIA-746A] standard (7-bit ASCII, the high-order 
bit of the first byte must be "0").

See [SMPTE-DDE1] for more information on trigger contents and the 
trigger receiver object.

   Security considerations: 

All insertion points for content in the TV network are assumed to 
be trusted sources, so no security problems are presumed. 
Therefore, the use of scripts in triggers, and ECMA Script in 
general is not presumed to be a security problem for malicious 
content or viruses any more than the notion of rogue video and 
audio being inserted into a broadcaster's emission.  As with 
video and audio, the broadcaster is responsible for the quality 
of the data content of its programming.

   Interoperability considerations: none

   Published specification:

[SMPTE-DDE1]: "SMPTE 363M, Declarative Data Essence, Content Level 1", 
produced by the Society of Motion Picture and Television 
Engineers (, describes the trigger format, 
and the behavior of the trigger receiver object. All SMPTE 
standards can be purchased for a nominal fee at Note: SMPTE specification 
number will be assigned once registration of this media type is 
approved by the IANA.

[EIA-746A]: "Transport Of Internet Uniform Resource Locator (URL) 
Information Using TEXT-2 (T-2) Service", produced by Consumer 
Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA), and can be 
purchased from Global Engineering Documents 

   Applications which use this media type:

Enhanced television receivers, which conform to [SMPTE-DDE1].

   Additional information:

       Magic number(s): none
       File extension(s): n/a
       Macintosh File Type Code(s): n/a

   Person & email address to contact for further information:

Linda Bucsay Welsh 
Intel Corporation
2111 NE 25th Ave.
Hillsboro, OR 97124-5961

Telephone:	503 264 4987
FAX:		503 264 3375
Internet:	[email protected]

   Intended usage: COMMON

   Author/Change controller: SMPTE (