Media Type 'application/vnd.ctc-posml' Details

Media Type 'application/vnd.ctc-posml' Details

Basic Info
Media Type application
subtype vnd.ctc-posml
Registered? Yes
See also Kohlhepp

Tags: (none)

File Formats: (none)


MIME media type name: application
MIME subtype name: vnd.ctc-posml
Required parameters: none
Optional parameters: revision level, expressed in 2 digits (ie, 1.0
= 10, 2.3 = 23)
Encoding considerations: files are in binary format
Security considerations: no executable code, no program
Interoperability considerations: Files may be read by any program
that conforms to the CTC PosML specification, currently under
Published specification: none yet; work in progress
Applications which use this media type: PosML applications
Additional information: used by CTC in embedded point-of-sale
    Magic number(s): none used
    File extension(s): .pml
    Macintosh File Type Code(s): none
Person & email address to contact for further information:
Intended usage: LIMITED USE
Author/Change controller:
bayard kohlhepp
Continuum Technology Corporation
220 Continuum Drive
Fletcher, NC 28732
(828) 684-8682
[email protected]