Media Type 'application/' Details

Media Type 'application/' Details

Basic Info
Media Type application
Registered? Yes
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From [email protected]  Fri Apr 18 01:31:59 1997
From: Eric Fleischman <[email protected]>
To: "'[email protected]'" <[email protected]>
Cc: Eric Fleischman <[email protected]>
Subject: Registration of MIME media type application/ 
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 08:31:59 -0700
X-Priority: 3
Content-Length: 1913
Status: RO
X-Lines: 55

     (Product) Name: Active Streaming Format (ASF)
     MIME media type name: application

     MIME subtype name:

     Required parameters: none

     Optional parameters: none

     Encoding considerations: ASF files are in a binary format. Some 
     encoding will be necessary for MIME mailers as in 
     application/octet-stream (see RFC 2046).

     Interoperability considerations: Clients must ignore any received 
     ASF content which they do not understand or which they do not know
     how to render.

     Security considerations: ASF content has a security risk equal to 
     that of the media types it carries.

     Published specification:

     Applications which use this media type: Streaming Multimedia 
     applications in (1) Real Time (e.g., Conferencing applications), 
     (2) "On Demand" (e.g., streaming multimedia content 
     for web pages), and (3) store and forward (e.g., Email). 

     Additional information:

     File extension(s): .asf

     Person & email address to contact for further information:
     Eric Fleischman
     Microsoft Corporation
     One Microsoft Way
     Redmond, WA 98052-6399
     Email: [email protected]
     Phone: 206-957-5334
     Fax:   206-936-7329

     Intended usage: Network-oriented streamed multimedia information 
     sent via either Unicast and Multicast modes.


     (Any other information that the author deems interesting may be
     added below this line.)
     ASF is a multimedia file format whose contents are designed to be 
     streamed across a network to support distributed multimedia 
     applications.  ASF content may include any combination of any 
     media type (e.g., audio, video, images, URLs, HTML content, MIDI, 
     2D & 3D modeling, scripts, and objects of various types).