Media Type 'application/vnd.omads-email+xml' Details

Media Type 'application/vnd.omads-email+xml' Details

Basic Info
Media Type application
subtype vnd.omads-email+xml
Registered? Yes
See also OMA Data Synchronization Working Group

Tags: (none)

File Formats: (none)


(last updated 2004-05-14)

Name : OMA Data Synchronization WG

Email : [email protected]

MIME media type name : Application

MIME subtype name : Vendor Tree - vnd.omads-email+xml

Required parameters : None    

Optional parameters : 
Specifies the character set used to represent the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) 
data synchronization email object. The default character set is UTF-8.   

Encoding considerations : 8bit
This media type may require encoding on transports not capable of handling 8 bit text.

Security considerations : 
This content type is designed to carry an interpersonal electronic mail 
object with additional meta data between OMA data synchronization applications. 
In the OMA DS specifications, the security of the content is managed by transport 
layer protocols, not the content.
As an XML content type, it shares the security issues common to all media types 
based on XML [RFC 3023].
As the email header and body (specified in RFC822 and RFC2822) can be included 
in the content type, appropriate precautions should be adopted to limit disclosure of 
this information. Thus, the security issues discussed in [RFC2822, section 5] should be considered.    

Interoperability considerations : 
This content type provides a common format for exchange of email object and related 
meta data between OMA DS applications. The OMA DS specifications define static 
conformance requirements and interoperability test cases for this content.    

Published specification : 
Email Data Object Specification (v1.2),     

Applications which use this media : 
This MIME type is intended for common use by OMA data synchronization applications.    

Additional information :

1. Magic number(s) : None
2. File extension(s) : None
3. Macintosh file type code : None
4. Object Identifiers: None

Person to contact for further information :

1. Name : Aki Lehto
2. Email : [email protected]

Intended usage : Common 

Author/Change controller : Open Mobile Alliance / Data Synchronization Working Group       

[Created 2004-05-14]