Media Type 'model/vnd.mts' Details

Media Type 'model/vnd.mts' Details

Basic Info
Media Type model
subtype vnd.mts
Registered? Yes
See also Rabinovitch

Tags: (none)

File Formats: (none)


Name : Boris Rabinovitch

E-mail : [email protected]

MIME media type name : Model

MIME subtype name : Vendor Tree - vnd.mts

Required parameters : None.

Optional parameters : 

Encoding considerations : 
A file of this type contains binary data.
There exists possibility that the data is encrypted.

Security considerations : 
This type does not carry any executable code so it can not present any
security risk for a client machine.

Interoperability considerations : 
Data of this type can be created and understood only by software
developed by Virtue Ltd.
This type is intended to be used as a web-ready representation of 3D
scenes and animations, so Internet-related applications (such as
web servers and browsers) are expected to recognize MTS as a valid
MIME type and handle it correctly without any reference to the

Published specification : 
This is a proprietary format and there is no publicly available

Applications which use this media : 
Virtue-developed applications and plug-ins for creating and viewing
the MTS type.

Additional information :

1. Magic number(s) : 
2. File extension(s) : mts
3. Macintosh file type code : 

Person to contact for further information :

1. Name : Boris Rabinovitch
2. E-mail : [email protected]

Intended usage : Common 

Author/Change controller : Virtue Ltd.