Unicode Character 'TAKRI LETTER KHA' (U+1168B)

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Unicode Data
Block Takri
Category Letter, Other [Lo]
Combine 0
BIDI Left-to-Right [L]
Mirror N
Comments also used to denote ssa
Version Unicode 6.1.0 (January 2012)
HTML Entity (decimal) 𑚋
HTML Entity (hex) 𑚋
How to type in Microsoft Windows Alt +1168B
UTF-8 (hex) 0xF0 0x91 0x9A 0x8B (f0919a8b)
UTF-8 (binary) 11110000:10010001:10011010:10001011
UTF-16 (hex) 0xD805 0xDE8B (d805de8b)
UTF-16 (decimal) 55,301 56,971
UTF-32 (hex) 0x0001168B (1168b)
UTF-32 (decimal) 71,307
C/C++/Java source code "\uD805\uDE8B"
Python source code u"\U0001168B"
Java Data
string.toUpperCase() 𑚋
string.toLowerCase() 𑚋
Character.UnicodeBlock TAKRI
Character.charCount() 2
Character.getDirectionality() DIRECTIONALITY_LEFT_TO_RIGHT [0]
Character.getNumericValue() -1
Character.getType() 5
Character.isDefined() Yes
Character.isDigit() No
Character.isIdentifierIgnorable() No
Character.isISOControl() No
Character.isJavaIdentifierPart() Yes
Character.isJavaIdentifierStart() Yes
Character.isLetter() Yes
Character.isLetterOrDigit() Yes
Character.isLowerCase() No
Character.isMirrored() No
Character.isSpaceChar() No
Character.isSupplementaryCodePoint() Yes
Character.isTitleCase() No
Character.isUnicodeIdentifierPart() Yes
Character.isUnicodeIdentifierStart() Yes
Character.isUpperCase() No
Character.isValidCodePoint() Yes
Character.isWhitespace() No