Character sets that support Unicode Character 'REVERSED NOT SIGN' (U+2310)

Encodings of Unicode Character 'REVERSED NOT SIGN' (U+2310)

Character Set Hex Byte(s)
CESU-8 e28c90
GB18030 8136e931
IBM437 a9
IBM861 a9
IBM862 a9
IBM863 a9
IBM865 a9
UTF-16 feff2310
UTF-16BE 2310
UTF-16LE 1023
UTF-32 00002310
UTF-32BE 00002310
UTF-32LE 10230000
UTF-7 2b4978412d
UTF-7-OPTIONAL 2b4978412d
UTF-8 e28c90
x-UTF-16LE-BOM fffe1023
X-UTF-32BE-BOM 0000feff00002310
X-UTF-32LE-BOM fffe000010230000