Character sets that support U+F1BE

Encodings of U+F1BE

Character Set Hex Byte(s)
CESU-8 ef86be
GB18030 8338c333
UTF-16 fefff1be
UTF-16BE f1be
UTF-16LE bef1
UTF-32 0000f1be
UTF-32BE 0000f1be
UTF-32LE bef10000
UTF-7 2b3862342d
UTF-7-OPTIONAL 2b3862342d
UTF-8 ef86be
x-IBM937 0eda5f0f
x-IBM948 f35e
x-IBM950 85f4
x-IBM964 8eacd1bf
x-MS950-HKSCS 85f4
x-MS950-HKSCS-XP 85f4
x-UTF-16LE-BOM fffebef1
X-UTF-32BE-BOM 0000feff0000f1be
X-UTF-32LE-BOM fffe0000bef10000
x-windows-950 85f4