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America Online

If you are using America Online (AOL), you will also find many forums containing graphics information. Some include images, applications, and file format specifications available for downloading. The focus of graphics information on AOL is the Graphic Arts Program (keyword GRAPHICS), a repository of graphics information. There are two versions of the Graphic Arts Program--one for the PC and one for the Macintosh. You can easily navigate from one to the other. A recent look at the PC Graphic Arts Program showed the following categories of resources and a total of 92,000 messages in 20 categories:

About the PC Graphics Forum Suggestion Box
Weekly Forum News Software Libraries
Meet the Graphics Staff Message Boards
Graphics Help and Info Conference Center
Forum Conference Schedule Special Interest Groups
Artists' Spotlight World Wide Web
Special Interest Groups Feature
Recommended Viewers Resource Center
Free Uploading Help Desk
PC Vendor Database

Special Interest Groups branches out to many different topics, vendors, and products (e.g., Autodesk, CorelDraw!, Virtual Reality, 3D Rendering). Software Libraries includes such categories as Clip Art, GIF Images, and Animations). Within each category there are further subcategories (e.g., 3D Rendering contains 3D Models, Free Uploading, and Rendered Images). Graphics and Presentation Companies includes categories for Adobe, Apple, Disney, Island Graphics, SGI, and many more vendors.

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