Bulletin Board Systems
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Bulletin Board Systems

In addition to the Internet and the large commercial services, there are private bulletin board systems (BBSs) dedicated to discussions and distributions of information for specific hardware platforms (e.g., PC, Macintosh, or Amiga), corporations (e.g., Adobe, Apple), and software products (e.g., CorelDraw!). Some estimates put the total number of BBSs at as many as 60,000. The largest amount of traffic in these BBSs is in files, but the FidoNet, RIME, and ILink networks provide conferences of services akin to the Internet newsgroups described in Appendix A, Graphics Files and Resources on the Internet, or the CompuServe and AOL conferences described earlier in this appendix.

Here is a sampling of private BBSs of special interest to graphics programmers; for each, the network technology (e.g., Fido) is specified.

  • AtariNet (uses Fido and includes discussions about Atari home computers and related topics). Conference topics include Atari graphics (ATARI.GRAPHICS).

  • FidoNet (uses Fido and includes a host network and many subnets). Conference topics include Amiga video graphics and desktop video (AMIGA_VIDEO).

  • Inter-Comm Network (ICN) (uses Fido and includes many echomail conference areas). Conference topics include image processing and graphics (IMAGEPRO) and CD-ROM technology and multimedia (CDROM).

  • ILink (uses QWK and includes many professional forums, including those from AT&T, Novell, and Hayes). Conference topics include graphics (GRAPHICS) and CD-ROM technology (CD-ROM).

  • Magnet (uses Fido and is aimed at the computer hobbyist). Conference topics include graphics (GRAFIC).

  • RIME (uses Postlink). Conference topics include graphics (GRAPHICS).

  • SourceNet (uses Fido/QWK and is aimed particularly at programmers). Conference topics include compression software (COMPRESSION) and the various hardware platforms and operating systems (e.g., MAC, WINDOWS, UNIX, HARDWARE).

  • WildNet (uses Fido/QWK and contains a broad range of topics, both technical and personal). Conference topics include application areas (e.g., COREL DRAW), CD-ROM technology (CD-ROM), and graphics software and files (GRAPHICS).

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