Which Browsers Can I Use?
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Which Browsers Can I Use?

The state-of-the-art in browser technology changes very fast, almost daily. In order to be used with GFF, a browser must meet two requirements: it must support tables and it must support the Software Development Interface (SDI) developed by Spyglass. GFF communicates with the browser using the Spyglass SDI to provide support for searching and other dynamic behavior.

In GFF version 1.0, the SDI is the only communication mechanism supported. In future versions of GFF, other mechanisms may be supported. At the time of this writing (March, 1996), the following browsers are known to work:


Spyglass Enhanced Mosaic version 2.11 and Netscape Navigator 2.0 (the real release, not the beta releases). Microsoft's Internet Explorer 2.0 seems to work, although it works a little strangely.


Spyglass Enhanced Mosaic version 2.11. Check the GFF Web Center for other supported browsers.


Spyglass Enhanced Mosaic version 2.11.

What if the Browser Crashes?

Some browsers, at least under Windows, crash when GFF exists. In versions of Spyglass Mosaic prior to 2.11, this was caused by a bug in the browser. Other browsers, built on the Spyglass code base, may exhibit similar problems.

If your browser crashes, stick with Spyglass Enhanced Mosaic, included on the CD-ROM.

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