Accessing Software on the CD-ROM
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Accessing Software on the CD-ROM

The contributed freeware and shareware on the CD-ROM are stored in directories below /software.

You can view these directories by following links from the software pages in GFF, but you cannot install the software directly from your browser.

To install a software package, use whatever commands you would normally use to access the appropriate directory on the CD-ROM and run the install program or follow the instructions provided.

The source code and UNIX directories contain only source code, no compiled binaries. These packages are provided by their authors in this form; instructions for building these programs is beyond the scope of this book. For help building UNIX binaries, you may want to consider contacting Ready-to-Run software (see the accompanying sidebar) the company that helped us build the CD-ROM for this book.

Need Help Building Binaries?

If you need help with the process of building UNIX binaries, you might want to contact Ready-to-Run Software. RTR has precompiled versions of many of the packages described in this appendix for common UNIX platforms, including Sun 3, Sparc (Sun 4), DECSTATION, IBM RS6000 (AIX), HP 700 Series (HP/UX), SCO UNIX, and SCO Xenix.

Contact them at:

Ready-to-Run Software, Inc.
Software Porting Specialists.
4 Pleasant Street
Forge Village, MA. 01886 USA
Voice: 508-692-9922
FAX: 508-692-9990
Email: [email protected]

If you have a copy of UNIX Power Tools (O'Reilly & Associates, 1993) you will find on the accompanying CD-ROM prebuilt binaries for two of these packages (pbmplus and xloadimage) for a variety of UNIX systems.

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