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Feedback, Corrections, Submissions

2005-02-15 (updated 2005-02-20)

Some quick notes on submitting information for the site.

I do check the feedback. I check the fileformat [AT] gmail.com mailbox, though less frequently.

There are definitely mistakes on the site. I'm not doing this professionally and don't have an editor or quality assurance staff to double-check everything. If you find something wrong, please let me know right away.

I love new content submissions. File format documentation, fonts, links, everything.

I don't mind requests to link to commercial products as long as they relate to file formats.

Feature suggestions/criticisms/applause are welcome too!

Please note that some things (fonts, for example) do not appear on the site instantaneously. I've been updating the production site with fresh code on a monthly basis, so anything that requires new code (or even a reboot) will take a little time to be visible.

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