News Archive for 2005

News Archive for 2005

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2005-02-12 (updated 2005-02-15) First Post

2005-02-15 (updated 2005-02-20) Feedback, Corrections, Submissions

2005-02-15 (updated 2005-02-20) About FileFormat.Info

2005-02-20 (updated 2005-02-21) DNG (Digital Negative) - Adobe's replacement for .RAW files

2005-02-21 Proposal for standardizing on the SQLite file format for single-file database apps

2005-02-21 Job Definition Format from CIP4

2005-02-21 Quark commits to open standards by opening QuarkXPress file format as XML

2005-02-22 What OpenDocument Is and Why You Should Care,

2005-02-24 StuffIt Image Format

2005-02-25 JISC Report on File Format Information

2005-02-25 Font support for specific Unicode characters


2005-03-04 Code2000 Feedback

2005-03-04 Humane Text Formats

2005-03-15 Alias offers free FBX SDK

2005-03-30 Universal Business Language


2005-04-03 Unicode 4.1 Released

2005-04-04 "Binary XML"?

2005-04-15 (updated 2005-04-20) Microsoft Office XML

2005-04-29 Metro - a new document format from Microsoft


2005-05-27 OpenDocument v1.0 Released

2005-05-27 CSV MIME type

2005-05-27 OpenRAW: Trying to document RAW images


2005-06-22 Microsoft announces new Office file formats


2005-07-17 UnicodeInput


2005-08-13 File Format Conversion Wiki

2005-08-13 PDF/A

2005-08-28 UnicodeInput v0.2


2005-09-01 Discussion of obsolete file formats

2005-09-02 Massachusetts goes with the OpenDocument

2005-09-02 Making PDF files accessible

2005-09-17 Double-talk from Microsoft's Mike Champion

2005-09-17 Lockheed Martin chosen for the Electronic Records Archives contract

2005-09-17 Adam Barr's Open Letter to Jeff Raikes


2005-10-04 MSOffice 12 to support PDF

2005-10-10 Uber-converter: a project to make a "Universal Converter" for 2D/3D vector images

2005-10-11 MSOffice 12 PDF blog

2005-10-11 FileConversion.NET


2005-11-11 File Format Security Issues

2005-11-11 First Release of the U.S. National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)

2005-11-11 Free Tools for Viewing and Converting DWG Files

2005-11-11 Mozilla Archive Format (MAF)

2005-11-11 RFC 4180: CSV MIME Type is Official

2005-11-24 Microsoft submits the new MSOfficeXML file formats to ECMA

2005-11-24 MSOffice 12 PDF Amusement