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StuffIt Image Format


A new image format from Allume that compresses JPEG images 20% smaller without sacrificing quality. Press release, white paper.

While compressing an additional 20% seems like a worthwhile goal, I think this attempt to control it and make money off of it will cripple it.

No end-users are going to use a format that has no software support and none of their friends use.

No software developers are going to pay royalties for a format that has no end-user demand. Especially if the company that owns the format is going to be a competitor (which Allume says they are in the white paper).

I don't see what advantage a camera maker would get by supporting it: so what if users have to buy more flash memory?

If it was royalty-free and there were free libraries for C and JAI and dotNet, it might have a chance. I don't see it.

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