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Unipage - standards-based single-file web archive format


Unipage is a new spin on saving a complete web page in a single file that has all the referenced images and stylesheets and such like embedded in it.

The key trick is using data: URLs. Amazingly, it even seems to work with frames!

The Unipage website is a little short on details, but it has applications for converting to and from Unipage. No source or licensing information at this point.

Currently the big downside is that Microsoft Internet Explorer doesn't support it. The author is writing a plug-in to workaround this, but I would hope Microsoft would decide to support it directly. While I would expect Microsoft to do this, it will not be for at least a couple of years given their long release cycles.

One workaround that should be fairly straightforward is to have a server-side component that sends MIME-HTML (.mht) files to MSIE and the Unipage HTML to standards-compliant browsers.

Via a somewhat over the top article at PDFZone.

Tags: newformat standard

File Formats: HTML MIME-HTML Unipage