The Unipage HTML File Format

The Unipage HTML File Format

Also known as: HTML, HTM


Type Document (optionally with other files embedded)
Originator G. Zaslavsky
Platform All. Creator app is currently Win32 only.
Supporting Applications  
See Also HTML


Unipage is a way to get all of the files necessary to display an HTML page to be embedded in a single file in a non-proprietary way.

Sample files are available for this format.


Currently it uses data: URLs which seems like a viable long-term solution.


The official website is, but at this point (May 2006) it only has a couple sample files and an application to create files. It does not discuss the actual format of the files.

Note that the samples on the site are zipped. If they were served directly, they would display directly in a browser without a user having to do anything special (at least for some browsers).

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