Details about [unipage]

Details about [unipage]

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Third Party Resources

Title Description
File Format Unipage HTML
Blog Entry Unipage Samples The Unipage site has some sample files, but they are all zipped, so you cannot see how (if) they are displayed by the browser. Here are a couple of Unipage samples as well as MIME-HTML (.mht) samples for comparison.
Blog Entry Unipage - standards-based single-file web archive format Unipage is a new spin on saving a complete web page in a single file that has all the referenced images and stylesheets and such like embedded in it.


Type File name Description Size
Sample File fileformatinfo.html 35,872
Sample File google.html 16,156
Sample File microsoft.html 146,059
Sample File yahoo.html 86,255

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