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Unipage Samples

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The Unipage site has some sample files, but they are all zipped, so you cannot see how (if) they are displayed by the browser. Here are a couple of Unipage samples as well as MIME-HTML (.mht) samples for comparison.

The Unipage samples were created with Unipage Unifier 1.0 RC3. The only problem I found was that <br/> tags were switched to be <br>>. I fixed these manually.

I'm serving the Unipage files as text/html. MSIE doesn't display the images, but generally works okay.

It would be nice if the Unifier had an option to not include the JavaScript warning at the top.

I couldn't get the Unifier to save to anything but the default file name. It would be really nice if the command line version took the output name on the command line as well, so it could be completely automated.

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File Formats: MIME-HTML Unipage