Archive for November 2006

Archive for November 2006

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11/2/2006 Microsoft XML Paper (XPS) Spec Available

11/5/2006 Microsoft Office XML Final Draft is Released

11/5/2006 WebCGM 2.0

11/19/2006 Windows Media Photo (WMP aka HD Photo) Specification 1.0

11/19/2006 Adobe Mars: a counter-strike against Microsoft's XPS

11/19/2006 Ten things not to do with your data

11/19/2006 Microsoft Tools for MSOfficeXML

11/19/2006 Open Standard Requirement for Software

11/20/2006 Popular Mechanics article on digital preservation

11/26/2006 Interesting Interview with Microsoft VP of the Consumer Media Technology Group

11/30/2006 (updated 8/28/11) Links for November 2006