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  simpledateformat.htm Common Pattern Strings for java.text.SimpleDateFormat 2/18/13, 1:42 AM 5.8 KB  more info
  ttf.htm How to add a TrueType font to Java 2/17/13, 10:39 PM 821.0 B  more info
  forcedown.htm How to force downloading 2/17/13, 10:39 PM 788.0 B  more info
  index.htm index.htm 9/6/20, 6:01 PM 43.0 B  more info
  jetty_setup.htm Jetty Setup 2/17/13, 10:39 PM 900.0 B  more info
  date2millis.htm Online conversion between a java.util.Date and milliseconds 2/24/13, 10:58 PM 8.8 KB  more info