Storage media beginning with the letter 'M'

Code Name
[memorystick-micro] M2
[3.5-mo-disk] Magneto-Optical Disk - 3.5 inch
[5.25-mo-disk] Magneto-Optical Disk - 5.25 inch
[ibm-magstar-mp] Magstar MP Tape
[minidisc] MD
[minidisc] MD Data
[memorystick] MemoryStick
[memorystick-duo] MemoryStick Duo
[memorystick-micro] MemoryStick Micro (M2)
[microsd] MicroSD Card
[minidisc] MiniDisc
[minidv] MiniDV Tape
[minisd] MiniSD Card
[mmc] MMC
[mmcmicro] MMCmicro
[rs-mmc] MMCmobile
[mmc] MMCplus
[3.5-mo-disk] MO Disk - 3.5 inch
[5.25-mo-disk] MO Disk - 5.25 inch
[mmc] MultiMediaCard (MMC)

Count: 20

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