Storage media beginning with the letter 'S'

Code Name
[sd-card] SD Card
[sd-card] SDHC Card
[sd-card] Secure Digital (SD) Card
[simcard] SIM Card
[zx-microdrive] Sinclair ZX Microdrive
[smartmedia] SM Card
[smartmedia] SmartMedia
[2.8-floppy] Smith-Corona DataDisk 2.8"
[smith-corona-datastore] Smith-Corona DataStore
[hifd] Sony HiFD Floppy Disk
[sparq] SparQ Disk
[simcard] Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)
[superdisk] SuperDisk/LS-120
[ezflyer] SyQuest EZFlyer
[sparq] SyQuest SparQ Disk

Count: 15

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