The UnicodeInput Utility

What is it?

A simple program to enter Unicode characters on Microsoft Windows.

Why do I need it?

Check out the standard ways to enter unicode characters. It appears that a standard is sorely lacking. I've gotten more feedback on this page than all others combined. Most of the feedback consisted of "Nothing works on my machine".

How does it work?

When you start it, it goes into the System Tray.

Press Alt-GreyPlus
Alt-GreyPlus illustrated

A window opens in the center of the screen. Enter the hex value of the character you want.
UnicodeInput screenshot

Press "Send". It sends the corresponding unicode character to whatever was active when you pressed Alt-GreyPlus.

What versions of Microsoft Windows does it run on?

I have only tested in on XP Home so far, but it should run on XP Pro and Windows 2003. It might run on Windows 2000, and it definitely won't run on Windows 95 or Windows 98. I'll update the test results page when I know more.

What applications will it work with?

This is hard to know without testing, but any application that is compatible with a tablet or assisted (non-keyboard) input should work. There may be font issues however. Again, I'll update the test results page with anything else I learn.

Where can I get it?

Right here

How do I install it?

Unzip it. If you don't know how to do this, you should wait for a later version. There are only two files, and you don't need to run an installation program. To uninstall, delete these two files.

How is it licensed? Is it free?

It is free for non-commercial use.

I am still thinking about how to license it for commercial use.

Is the source code available?

Not at the moment. There really isn't much to it: an experienced Windows/C++ coder could do it in a couple of hours. If there's interest, I'll figure out a Creative Commons license and share it.

I love it, but...

Let me know! I'm not planning on anything major, but if it is relevent (and easy) I'll do it. Please check the To Do list first!

Will you make a Windows 95/98 version?

In theory it might be possible to do a separate version for 95/98, but I figured I'll get this version out there and working first, and then see if there was any demand for it.