Character sets that support Unicode Character 'MODIFIER LETTER DOUBLE PRIME' (U+02BA)

Encodings of Unicode Character 'MODIFIER LETTER DOUBLE PRIME' (U+02BA)

Character Set Hex Byte(s)
CESU-8 caba
GB18030 8130b631
UTF-16 feff02ba
UTF-16BE 02ba
UTF-16LE ba02
UTF-32 000002ba
UTF-32BE 000002ba
UTF-32LE ba020000
UTF-7 2b41726f2d
UTF-7-OPTIONAL 2b41726f2d
UTF-8 caba
x-IBM1364 0e49940f
x-IBM834 4994
x-IBM933 0e49940f
x-IBM937 0e445b0f
x-IBM948 8156
x-IBM949 9aab
x-IBM949C 9aab
x-IBM950 c6de
x-IBM964 8eada1a9
x-UTF-16LE-BOM fffeba02
X-UTF-32BE-BOM 0000feff000002ba
X-UTF-32LE-BOM fffe0000ba020000