Character sets that support Unicode Character 'BOX DRAWINGS DOUBLE UP AND LEFT' (U+255D)

Encodings of Unicode Character 'BOX DRAWINGS DOUBLE UP AND LEFT' (U+255D)

Character Set Hex Byte(s)
Big5-HKSCS f9e5
CESU-8 e2959d
GB18030 a861
GBK a861
IBM00858 bc
IBM437 bc
IBM775 bc
IBM850 bc
IBM852 bc
IBM855 bc
IBM857 bc
IBM860 bc
IBM861 bc
IBM862 bc
IBM863 bc
IBM865 bc
IBM866 bc
IBM868 bc
IBM869 bc
KOI8-R ae
KOI8-U ae
MIK d8
UTF-16 feff255d
UTF-16BE 255d
UTF-16LE 5d25
UTF-32 0000255d
UTF-32BE 0000255d
UTF-32LE 5d250000
UTF-7 2b4a56302d
UTF-7-OPTIONAL 2b4a56302d
UTF-8 e2959d
x-Big5-HKSCS-2001 f9e5
x-IBM1098 bc
x-IBM737 bc
x-IBM856 bc
x-MS950-HKSCS f9e5
x-MS950-HKSCS-XP f9e5
x-mswin-936 a861
x-UTF-16LE-BOM fffe5d25
X-UTF-32BE-BOM 0000feff0000255d
X-UTF-32LE-BOM fffe00005d250000
x-windows-950 f9e5