Character sets that support Unicode Character 'BOX DRAWINGS LIGHT DOWN AND RIGHT' (U+250C)

Encodings of Unicode Character 'BOX DRAWINGS LIGHT DOWN AND RIGHT' (U+250C)

Character Set Hex Byte(s)
Big5 a27a
Big5-HKSCS a27a
CESU-8 e2948c
EUC-JP a8a3
EUC-KR a6a3
GB18030 a9b0
GB2312 a9b0
GBK a9b0
IBM00858 da
IBM437 da
IBM775 da
IBM850 da
IBM852 da
IBM855 da
IBM857 da
IBM860 da
IBM861 da
IBM862 da
IBM863 da
IBM864 8d
IBM865 da
IBM866 da
IBM868 da
IBM869 da
ISO-2022-JP 1b244228231b2842
ISO-2022-JP-2 1b244228231b2842
ISO-2022-KR 1b2429430e2623
KOI8-R 82
KOI8-U 82
MIK da
Shift_JIS 84a1
UTF-16 feff250c
UTF-16BE 250c
UTF-16LE 0c25
UTF-32 0000250c
UTF-32BE 0000250c
UTF-32LE 0c250000
UTF-7 2b4a51772d
UTF-7-OPTIONAL 2b4a51772d
UTF-8 e2948c
windows-31j 84a1
x-Big5-HKSCS-2001 a27a
x-Big5-Solaris a27a
x-euc-jp-linux a8a3
x-EUC-TW a3bc
x-eucJP-Open a8a3
x-IBM1046 8d
x-IBM1098 da
x-IBM1364 0e47430f
x-IBM1381 a9b0
x-IBM1383 a9b0
x-IBM29626C a8a3
x-IBM300 437e
x-IBM33722 a8a3
x-IBM737 da
x-IBM834 4743
x-IBM856 da
x-IBM930 0e437e0f
x-IBM933 0e47430f
x-IBM935 0e46b00f
x-IBM937 0e46780f
x-IBM939 0e437e0f
x-IBM942 84a1
x-IBM942C 84a1
x-IBM943 84a1
x-IBM943C 84a1
x-IBM948 8a77
x-IBM949 a6a3
x-IBM949C a6a3
x-IBM950 a27a
x-IBM964 a3bc
x-IBM970 a6a3
x-ISO-2022-CN-CNS 1b2429470e233c
x-ISO-2022-CN-GB 1b2429410e2930
x-JIS0208 2823
x-Johab dba3
x-MS932_0213 84a1
x-MS950-HKSCS a27a
x-MS950-HKSCS-XP a27a
x-mswin-936 a9b0
x-PCK 84a1
x-SJIS_0213 84a1
x-UTF-16LE-BOM fffe0c25
X-UTF-32BE-BOM 0000feff0000250c
X-UTF-32LE-BOM fffe00000c250000
x-windows-50220 1b244228231b2842
x-windows-50221 1b244228231b2842
x-windows-949 a6a3
x-windows-950 a27a
x-windows-iso2022jp 1b244228231b2842