Unicode Characters in the Tags Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+E0001 LANGUAGE TAG (U+E0001) 󠀁 babelstone_han
U+E0020 TAG SPACE (U+E0020) 󠀠 babelstone_han
U+E0021 TAG EXCLAMATION MARK (U+E0021) 󠀡 babelstone_han
U+E0022 TAG QUOTATION MARK (U+E0022) 󠀢 babelstone_han
U+E0023 TAG NUMBER SIGN (U+E0023) 󠀣 babelstone_han
U+E0024 TAG DOLLAR SIGN (U+E0024) 󠀤 babelstone_han
U+E0025 TAG PERCENT SIGN (U+E0025) 󠀥 babelstone_han
U+E0026 TAG AMPERSAND (U+E0026) 󠀦 babelstone_han
U+E0027 TAG APOSTROPHE (U+E0027) 󠀧 babelstone_han
U+E0028 TAG LEFT PARENTHESIS (U+E0028) 󠀨 babelstone_han
U+E0029 TAG RIGHT PARENTHESIS (U+E0029) 󠀩 babelstone_han
U+E002A TAG ASTERISK (U+E002A) 󠀪 babelstone_han
U+E002B TAG PLUS SIGN (U+E002B) 󠀫 babelstone_han
U+E002C TAG COMMA (U+E002C) 󠀬 babelstone_han
U+E002D TAG HYPHEN-MINUS (U+E002D) 󠀭 babelstone_han
U+E002E TAG FULL STOP (U+E002E) 󠀮 babelstone_han
U+E002F TAG SOLIDUS (U+E002F) 󠀯 babelstone_han
U+E0030 TAG DIGIT ZERO (U+E0030) 󠀰 code2001
U+E0031 TAG DIGIT ONE (U+E0031) 󠀱 code2001
U+E0032 TAG DIGIT TWO (U+E0032) 󠀲 code2001
U+E0033 TAG DIGIT THREE (U+E0033) 󠀳 code2001
U+E0034 TAG DIGIT FOUR (U+E0034) 󠀴 code2001
U+E0035 TAG DIGIT FIVE (U+E0035) 󠀵 code2001
U+E0036 TAG DIGIT SIX (U+E0036) 󠀶 code2001
U+E0037 TAG DIGIT SEVEN (U+E0037) 󠀷 code2001
U+E0038 TAG DIGIT EIGHT (U+E0038) 󠀸 code2001
U+E0039 TAG DIGIT NINE (U+E0039) 󠀹 code2001
U+E003A TAG COLON (U+E003A) 󠀺 babelstone_han
U+E003B TAG SEMICOLON (U+E003B) 󠀻 babelstone_han
U+E003C TAG LESS-THAN SIGN (U+E003C) 󠀼 babelstone_han
U+E003D TAG EQUALS SIGN (U+E003D) 󠀽 babelstone_han
U+E003E TAG GREATER-THAN SIGN (U+E003E) 󠀾 babelstone_han
U+E003F TAG QUESTION MARK (U+E003F) 󠀿 babelstone_han
U+E0040 TAG COMMERCIAL AT (U+E0040) 󠁀 babelstone_han
U+E0041 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A (U+E0041) 󠁁 babelstone_han
U+E0042 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B (U+E0042) 󠁂 babelstone_han
U+E0043 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C (U+E0043) 󠁃 babelstone_han
U+E0044 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D (U+E0044) 󠁄 babelstone_han
U+E0045 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E (U+E0045) 󠁅 babelstone_han
U+E0046 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER F (U+E0046) 󠁆 babelstone_han
U+E0047 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G (U+E0047) 󠁇 babelstone_han
U+E0048 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H (U+E0048) 󠁈 babelstone_han
U+E0049 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I (U+E0049) 󠁉 babelstone_han
U+E004A TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER J (U+E004A) 󠁊 babelstone_han
U+E004B TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER K (U+E004B) 󠁋 babelstone_han
U+E004C TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L (U+E004C) 󠁌 babelstone_han
U+E004D TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M (U+E004D) 󠁍 babelstone_han
U+E004E TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N (U+E004E) 󠁎 babelstone_han
U+E004F TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O (U+E004F) 󠁏 babelstone_han
U+E0050 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER P (U+E0050) 󠁐 babelstone_han
U+E0051 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Q (U+E0051) 󠁑 babelstone_han
U+E0052 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R (U+E0052) 󠁒 babelstone_han
U+E0053 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S (U+E0053) 󠁓 babelstone_han
U+E0054 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T (U+E0054) 󠁔 babelstone_han
U+E0055 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U (U+E0055) 󠁕 babelstone_han
U+E0056 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER V (U+E0056) 󠁖 babelstone_han
U+E0057 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER W (U+E0057) 󠁗 babelstone_han
U+E0058 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER X (U+E0058) 󠁘 babelstone_han
U+E0059 TAG LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y (U+E0059) 󠁙 code2001
U+E005B TAG LEFT SQUARE BRACKET (U+E005B) 󠁛 babelstone_han
U+E005C TAG REVERSE SOLIDUS (U+E005C) 󠁜 babelstone_han
U+E005D TAG RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET (U+E005D) 󠁝 babelstone_han
U+E005E TAG CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT (U+E005E) 󠁞 babelstone_han
U+E005F TAG LOW LINE (U+E005F) 󠁟 babelstone_han
U+E0060 TAG GRAVE ACCENT (U+E0060) 󠁠 babelstone_han
U+E0061 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER A (U+E0061) 󠁡 babelstone_han
U+E0062 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER B (U+E0062) 󠁢 babelstone_han
U+E0063 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER C (U+E0063) 󠁣 babelstone_han
U+E0064 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER D (U+E0064) 󠁤 babelstone_han
U+E0065 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER E (U+E0065) 󠁥 babelstone_han
U+E0066 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER F (U+E0066) 󠁦 babelstone_han
U+E0067 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER G (U+E0067) 󠁧 babelstone_han
U+E0068 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER H (U+E0068) 󠁨 babelstone_han
U+E0069 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER I (U+E0069) 󠁩 babelstone_han
U+E006A TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER J (U+E006A) 󠁪 babelstone_han
U+E006B TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER K (U+E006B) 󠁫 babelstone_han
U+E006C TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER L (U+E006C) 󠁬 babelstone_han
U+E006D TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER M (U+E006D) 󠁭 babelstone_han
U+E006E TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER N (U+E006E) 󠁮 babelstone_han
U+E006F TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER O (U+E006F) 󠁯 babelstone_han
U+E0070 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER P (U+E0070) 󠁰 babelstone_han
U+E0071 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER Q (U+E0071) 󠁱 babelstone_han
U+E0072 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER R (U+E0072) 󠁲 babelstone_han
U+E0073 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER S (U+E0073) 󠁳 babelstone_han
U+E0074 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER T (U+E0074) 󠁴 babelstone_han
U+E0075 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER U (U+E0075) 󠁵 babelstone_han
U+E0076 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER V (U+E0076) 󠁶 babelstone_han
U+E0077 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER W (U+E0077) 󠁷 babelstone_han
U+E0078 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER X (U+E0078) 󠁸 babelstone_han
U+E0079 TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER Y (U+E0079) 󠁹 babelstone_han
U+E007A TAG LATIN SMALL LETTER Z (U+E007A) 󠁺 babelstone_han
U+E007B TAG LEFT CURLY BRACKET (U+E007B) 󠁻 babelstone_han
U+E007C TAG VERTICAL LINE (U+E007C) 󠁼 babelstone_han
U+E007D TAG RIGHT CURLY BRACKET (U+E007D) 󠁽 babelstone_han
U+E007E TAG TILDE (U+E007E) 󠁾 babelstone_han
U+E007F CANCEL TAG (U+E007F) 󠁿 babelstone_han