File Extensions beginning with the letter 'B'

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B Lotus Applause batch list
B$$ Group
B&W Bitmap Picture; Atari, Macintosh
B1N 1st Reader
B30 Ventura Publisher Font
B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts file
B64 Archive
b64 Base64 MIME encoded file
B8 Bitmap Picture; PicLab
BA$ Microsoft compressed BAS; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
BAK Backup file
bak Backup File
BAK Backed-up file
bak backup file
BAK AutoCAD backup files
BAK Backup
BAL (2) BAL Borland Programming Language Source
BAL (1) Sound; Ballade music score
BAR (1) dBase menu
BAR (2) Archive; UNIX
BAS BASIC source code
BAS Basic Source
BAT MS-DOS batch file
bat batch file
BAT Batch Program; see CMD
BAT MS DOS and VM DOS batch file
bat Batch File
BAT Batch file
BB Database; Papyrus Database Backup
BBL Bibliography; Tex
BBM Bitmap Picture; Deluxe Paint brush
BBS Text; stored on a Bulletin Board System
BCH (1) dBase batch program
BCH (2) Database; Datalex EntryPoint
BCM Microsoft Works Backup of WCM
BCO Bitstream Fontware
BCP MAK file; Borland (Inprise)
BDF extension for a program called West Point Bridge Designer
BDF Bitmap Distribution Format. A font format. Details
BDR Picture; Microsoft Office 97 or Publisher Document Border
BEZ Font; Bitstream Vector Font
BF2 Font; Bradford
BFC Briefcase
BFC Microsoft Office Briefcase
BFC Windows 95 Briefcase document
BFC Breifcase
BFX Picture; BitFax Fax Document
BG Backgammon for Windows game
BGA Bitmap Picture; OS/2
BGF Binary Game File. 3D interface from Anark GameFace.
BGI Driver; Borland DOS 16-bit graphics video device driver
BGL from Microsoft concerning scenery files from the well known Flight Simulator
BGO BigOven file. A cooking receipe file. BigOven corporate website
BHX Archive
BI Basic Include
BI Binary file
BI$ Microsoft compressed BI; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
BIB Text; Bibliography
BIF GroupWise initialization file
BIF Bitmap Picture; black and white Binary Image Format
BIFF XLITE 3D file format
bin Mac executable et al
BIN SGI Powerflip
BIN (1) Binary Data
bin binary file
BIN Binary file
BIN (2) Micrografx Designer 7 Project Image
BIN Binary data file
BIT (1) Bitmap Picture; X11
BIT (2) Lotus Manuscript
BK (2) FrameMaker BookFile Document
BK (1) Fax Document; JetFax Fax Book
BK and BK$ Sometimes used to denote backup versions
BK! WordPerfect Backup
BK1 WordPerfect Backup; also BK2, BK3...
BKP Backup
BKS An IBM BookManager Read bookshelf
BLA Black Color Separation; CYA (Cyan), MAG (Magenta), YEL (Yellow) Adobe Color Separation
BLD (2) Bitmap; GWBasic or QuickBasic BLOAD image
BLD (1) Microsoft Developer Studio MAK file; replaced by DSW
BLL Inprise (Borland) Delphi localization Information
BM Bitmap Picture; see SCT
BM1 Apogee BioMenace data file
BM1 Apogee BioMenace; see MS1
BMK A bookmark file
BMK Bookmark; Microsoft help viewers
BML Bookmark; SyncURL Bookmarks
bmp Bitmap. Microsoft-proprietary raster image file. [bmp]
BNK AdLib Instrument Bank
BOO (1) IBM Book Manager
BOO (2) BOOK FrameMaker Book
BOO (3) Archive
BOOK HTMLDOC document. Details
BOOK Adobe FrameMaker Book
BOT Document; Linkbot
BOX A mailbox in Lotus Notes
BPC Drawing; Chart; Business Plan Toolkit
BPL Borland Delphi 4 packed library
BPS Business Plan Toolkit
BPT Corel Draw Bitmap Picture fill
BPU Backup; BAK
BPX Big Picture. Raster image. Details
BQY BrioQuery file
BR Bridge script
BRK Fax Document; Brooktrout
BRL CAD -Ballistic Research Laboratory CAD
BRX A file for browsing an index of multimedia options
BS1 Apogee Blake Stone data file
BS1 Apogee; see BM1
BSA Archive
BSB meta-data about a KAP file.
BSC MS Developer Studio (MSDev) browser informatio file
BSC (1) Browser Database Microsoft C++, Fortran
BSC (2) Archive; Apple ][
BSDL Boundary Scan Description Language
BSP Quake map
BST Document; BibTex style
BS_ Microsoft Bookshelf Find Menu shell extension
BT Binary Terrain. More Info.
btm Norton NDOS Batch to Memory File
BTM 4-DOS batch-to-memory
BTM Batch file used by Norton Utilities
BTR Data; Btrieve
BUD Backup disk for Quicken
BUFR Binary Universal Form for the Representation of Meteorological Data
BUN CakeWalk Audio Bundle file (a MIDI program)
BUT Picture; Buttons!
BW SGI Black and White image file. Details
BWB Baler compiled Spreadsheet application
BWV Business Wave file
BYU A file in a Movie BYU format
BYU Picture; BYU Animation
B_W Picture; Atari, Macintosh