File Extensions beginning with the letter 'X'

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X (2) Source Code; LEX
X (1) Microsoft Direct-X SDK
X AVS image format
X10 Bitmap Picture; X-windows Dump; also X11
X16 Macromedia Extra (program extension), 16 bit
X32 Macromedia Director Xtras; see DLL
X32 Macromedia Extra (program extension), 32 bit
X3D XML-based 3D content. More Info
XAB Microsoft Mail address book
XAR Vector Drawing; Corel Xara
XAR Corel Xara drawing
XB XBin. Text-mode graphics file. Details
XBEL XML Bookmark Exchange Language. XML format for storage/exchange of web bookmarks. Details.
XBM X-windows bitmap. Raster image. Details [XBM]
XBN XML file for Bayesian Networks. See Microsoft Research for more information.
XCF raster image. Native format of the GIMP software, which was written at the eXperimental Computing Facility at the University of California at Berkeley.
xdm X-windows dump (image)
XDOC Document; Xerox ScanWorX and TextBridge scanned document
XFX Fax Document; JetFax
XG0 Database Index; Paradox secondary index; see YG0; changes to XG1, XG2...
XG1 Database Index; Also XG2, XG3...
XI Instrument sample file for ScreamTracker
XIF Wang imaging file (comes with Windows 95)
XIF Bitmap Picture, something like GIF
XIP HP-95 Execute-in-place program (modified small-model EXE)
XL Spreadsheet; Microsoft Excel for Apple Macintosh
XLA Microsoft Excel application/add-in
XLAM Microsoft Excel Add-in: Microsoft Excel 2007 add-in extenion [MSOfficeXML]
XLB Microsoft Excel toolbar
XLC Microsoft Excel Chart
XLD Microsoft Excel Dialog
XLF XML Localisation Interchange File. XML file with strings from a program for translation/localization. More Info.
XLK Microsoft Excel backup
XLL Microsoft Excel library
XLM Microsoft Excel Macro
XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet [XLS]
XLSB Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Binary: Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet [MSOfficeXML]
XLSM Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet with Macros: Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet [MSOfficeXML]
XLSX Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet XML: Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet [MSOfficeXML]
XLT Microsoft Excel Template
XLTM Microsoft Excel Template with Macros: Microsoft Excel 2007 template [MSOfficeXML]
XLV Microsoft Excel VBA module
XLW Microsoft Excel Workspace
XM FastTracker 2, Digital Tracker music module (MOD) file
XM Sound; see MID, MOD
XMI Sound; see MID
xml eXtensible Markup Language
XML Internet Document; Extensible Markup Language; also used by >98 versions of Microsoft Office. see HTM, XSL
XNK Microsoft Exchange shortcut file
XOF RenderMorphics
XPM X-windows PixMap. Raster image. Details [XPM]
XPR Vector image created with Microsoft Expression
XQT (2) Waffle
XQT (1) Spreadsheet macro; SuperCalc
XR1 Epic MegaGames Xargon data file
XSL Extensible Style Sheet Language, used with XML; see CSS, XML
XTP XTree data file
XV Bitmap Picture; Khoros VIFF
XWC Crosstalk for Windows Compiled Script
xwd X-Windows Dump. Raster image. Details [XWD]
XWF Yamaha XG Works file (MIDI sequencing)
XWP (1) Crosstalk for Windows Phone book
XWP (2) Document; Xerox Writer
XWS Crosstalk for Windows Script
xxe Xxencoded file (encoded ascii)
XXE Archive; see UUE
XXT Extension DLL (rare)
XY Document; XYWrite
XY3 Document; XYWrite III
XY3 XYWrite III document
XY4 XYWrite IV document
XYP XYWrite III Plus document
XYW Document; XYWrite III
XYW XYWrite for Windows 4.0 document
XyWrite/Nota Bene