File Extensions beginning with the letter 'F'

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F (1) Fortran; same as FOR; F90 is the new type
F (2) Archive; Freeze
F01 Fax Document; Perfect-Fax
F2R Sound; Farandole
F2R Farandoyle linear module format
F3R Farandoyle blocked linear module format
F77 FORTRAN file
F77 Fortran77 Source code
F90 FORTRAN file
F90 Fortran90; new Fortran source code
F96 Fax Document; Frecom FAX-96
FAC Picture; Face Graphics
FAE Microsoft Office 97 file converter; Dynamic Link Library DLL
FAFF Spreadsheet; Amiga Pro Calc
FAM Used with Paradox TV
FAQ Text; Frequently Asked Questions
FAR Farandole Composer music module (MOD) file
FAR Sound; Farandole Composer
FAV Microsoft Outlook navigation bar
FAX FAX image. Details
FBK Navison Financials Backup
FBK Navison Financials Backup; see FDB
FBM Fuzzy Bitmap
FBX 3D image interchange file. See Kaydara for more information.
FCF HP-95 Filer configuration
FCT FoxPro catalog memo file
FD (1) Data; DataFlex
FD (2) Include; Fortran Include (declarations)
FDB Navison Financials Database
FDB Firebird Database. More info
FDF Portable Document; Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Input Form; see PDF
FDF Adobe Acrobat Forms Document file
FDL Paradox
FDR SideKick 2 Note file
FDW F3 Design and Mapping form
FDX Force Index
FDX Food Data eXchange. An XML file format for cooking receipes. Created by Radium Technologies, the makers of Living Cookbook receipe software.
FEM CADRE Finite Element Mesh file
FF Agfa Compugraphics Font description
FFA Microsoft Office Fast Find
FFA MS fast find file
FFF GUS PnP bank file format
FFF Fax Document; Def-Fax
FFIVW File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds
FFL MS fast find file
FFL Microsoft Office Fast Find
FFO MS fast find file
FFT Final Form Text (part of IBM's DCA)
FFT Document; DisplayWrite
fft IBM Final Form document
FFX MS fast find file
FFX Microsoft Office Fast Find Index
FH3 Aldus Freehand 3 vector drawing
FH4 Aldus FreeHand 4 vector image.
FI (2) Bitstream Intellifont
FI (1) Fortran Include
FIF Fractal Image File. Proprietary lossy image file that (supposedly) scales well. LizardTech
FIF Font Information File
FIG Facility for Interactive Generation of figures. A text format for vector images. Details, Resources.
FIN Document
FIO U Lead AIK uFile plug-in DLL
FIR Finite Impulse Response filter. Usually for audio, though it can be for any digital signal. More Info.
First Choice Word Processor
FIT Flexible Image Transport. The preferred extension is FITS. Details
FITS Flexible Image Transport System. Vector or raster image commonly used in astronomy. Details
FKY Database Program; FoxPro Macro
FLA Macromedia Flash movie. The preferred extension is now SWF.
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec. Audio file with lossless compression. SourceForge FLAC project, including plugins for Winamp and XMMS and links to other resources.
FLB Papyrus
FLC (1) Autodesk Animator
FLC (3) Presentation; Film Clip
FLC AutoDesk FLIC animation
FLC (2) Corel Show
FLD (2) Bitmap Picture; Hijaak Thumbnail Pictures
FLD (1) Charisma Graphics
FLF Navision Financials License; see FDB
FLF An OS/2 driver file
FLF Corel Paradox Delived form
FLF Navison Financials License file
FLI AutoDesk FLI animation. Details
FLI TeX Font Library
FLIC Same as FLI. Details
FLL (2) Micrografx Designer 7 image fill pattern
FLL (1) FoxPro runtime Library; Windows; see PLB for DOS
FLL TextPipe Filter File
FLM (2) Picture; Atari ST
FLM (1) AutoCAD, AutoShade Film Roll
FLM Database Program; FoxPro Library
FLO Flow Chart; RF-Flow 4.
FLP Flow Chart; Corel Flow Project; see CFL
FLP Corel Flow
FLR Netscape Live 3D - a folder? see RWX
FLT (3) Game; Open-Flight scene
FLT (1) Filter (generic)
FLT StarTrekker music module (MOD) file
FLT (2) Adobe Illustrator Filter
FLT A file format use in MulitGen Inc.'s Open Flight
flt filter
FLT Corel filter
FLT MultiGen Flight
FLV Flash Video. Macromedia.
FLX Data; DataFlex
FM Adobe FrameMaker Document
FM (2) FileMaker Pro Data
fm FrameMaker
FM (1) Document; FrameMaker Document
FM1 Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 release 2.x
FM3 Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 Release 3.x
FMB Oracle binary source code for form, version 4.0 and later
FMK Fortran MAK
FML File Mirror List (GetRight)
FMO Data; DBase IV compiled format
FMS Sound; Fractal Music Binary
FMT (2) Format; Lotus 1-2-3
FMT (1) Schedule+ Print File
FMT (3) FoxPro Format
FMT Oracle text format of form, version 4.0 and later
FMT Schedule print
FMT Microsoft Schedule+ print file
FMT (4) Style Sheet; Borland Sprint
fmv FrameMaker
FMV FrameMaker Picture, Bitmap Picture or Vector Drawing
FMX Oracle executable form, version 4.0 and later
FND Microsoft Explorer Saved Search file (Find applet)
FND Windows Saved Finder Results
FND Saved Search from Explorer,Start, My computer aso.
FND Saved search
FNG Font group file (Font Navigator)
FNK Sound; Funk Tracker
FNK FunkTracker module format
FNT Font; raw Font created by FONTEDIT.EXE, source file for Windows FON
FNT MultiMate Advantage 2
fnt MultiMate
FNX MultiMate Note
fnx MultiMate
FOB Navision Financials Object; see FDB
FOG Fontographer font
FOG Font; Fontographer intermediate font format
fol FirstChoice
FOL First Choice DB
FOL 1st Reader
fon font
FON Font file
FON Font file
FON (2) Database; Telix Telephone Book
fon Font File
FON (1) Bitmap Font; Microsoft Windows Bitmap Font
FON System font
FOR (2) Fortran Source code
for FORTRAN source code
FOR (1) Database Form; Window-Base
FOT Font-related file
fot Windows True Type Font ( Styles File )
FOT TrueType FOT; Shortcut to TrueType Font for Microsoft Windows <=3.11; see TTF
FOT Shortcut to font
FOX FoxPro+ compiled program
FP FileMaker Pro file
FP1 Flying Pigs for Windows data file
FP1 Flying Pigs for Windows
FP3 FileMaker Pro file
FPC FoxPro catalog (memo) file; see DBF
FPM Database Program; FoxPro startup file
FPQ FoxPro Database Query
FPT (2) Database Text; FoxPro Database Memo; see DBF
FPT Microsoft FoxPro memo fields
FPT FileMaker Pro file
FPT (1) Sound; Farandole Composer Pattern
FPW (2) FoxPro for Windows Configuration = CONFIG.FPW; an INI file
FPW (1) Picture; FloorPlan Plus
FPX FlashPix bitmap
FPX (2) Compiled FoxPro program
FRF FontMonger intermediate Font
FRM Form
FRM (2) Database Report; Clipper, dBase, dBFast
FRM WordPerfect Merge form
FRM Oracle executable form version 3.0 and earlier
FRM FrameMaker or FrameBuilder document
frm Visual Basic form
FRM Datacad Symbol Report file
FRM (3) WordPerfect Document Merge Form
FRM (1) Visual Basic Form
FRM Visual Basic form
FRO Data; dBase IV Compiled Report
FRT Mirosoft FoxPro report file
FRT FoxPro memo file used with FRX
FRT Database Text; FoxPro Report Memo
frx binary data for a Visual Basic form
FRX Visual Basic form stash file
FRX (1) Visual Basic Form Picture
FRX Microsoft FoxPro report file
FRX (2) FoxPro Report
FS Picture
FSB FMOD Sound Basic. Sampled audio. Details [fsb]
FSF fPrint Audit Tool file format
FSL Form; Paradox (compiled form?); see RSL
FSL Corel Paradox Saved form
FSL Borderland's Paradox 7 forms
FSM Farandoyle Sample format
FSM Sound; Farandole Composer
FST Database program; dBFast
FT Lotus Notes Full Text index
FTG Full-text Search Group file resulting from using Find in the Windows Help system. Can be erased; will be rebuilt when needed.
FTG Microsoft Windows help file search data
FTL Internet; FutureTense Texture (Internet texture viewer)
FTM (1) WinFax Pro
FTM (2) Font; Micrografx
FTS Full-Text Search index file resulting from using Find in the Windows help system
FTS (2) Bitmap Picture; Flexible Image Transport Systems
fts full-text search index for MSWindows help
FTS (1) Full Text Search of HLP file results Database
FW Framework Database
FW2 Framework II
FW2 Framework II Database
FW3 Framework III Database
FW3 Framework III file
FW4 Framework IV file
FWEB Fortran
FWK Framework III
FXD (1) FaxIt phone book card file
FXD (3) FoxPro FoxDoc support
fxd FAX image
FXD (2) Fax Document; WinFax Pro
FXM Fax Document; WinFax Pro
FXP FoxPro compiled form
FXP Microsoft FoxPro compiled source file
FXR Fax Document; WinFax
fxr FAX image
fxs FAX image
FXS WinFax
FZB Casio FZ-1 Bank dump
FZF Casio FZ-1 Full dump
FZV Casio FZ-1 Voice dump