File Extensions beginning with the letter 'G'

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G Chart; Ashton Tate Applause
G3 Fax Document; Group 3 Fax
G4 Bitmap Picture; GTX RasterCAD
G721 Raw CCITT G.721 $bit ADPCM format data
G723 Raw CCITT G.723 3 or 5bit ADPCM format data
G8 Bitmap Picture; PicLab
GAL Clipart; Corel Gallery (Picture thumbnails)
GAL Corel Multimedia Manager album
GAM (2) Game information; Klik 'n Play; MTF
GAM (1) Fax Document; Gamma-Fax
GBL Visual Basic Global Definition
GBS GameBoy Sound. Audio for a Nintendo GameBoy
GC1 LISP Source code; EL
GC3 LISP Source code
GCA Vector Drawing; IBM MO:DCA - GOCA
GCD Generic (TM) CADD drawing (later versions)
GCD Bitmap Picture
GCD General Content Description. A simple text file describing an application for the Sprint-PCS wireless network. Details.
GCP Ground Control Point file used in image processing of remote sensing data often to form map projections. CHIPS (CopenHagen Image Processing System) uses these files.
GDB InterBase database file
gdf IBM graphics data format
GDF Bitmap Picture; IBM Graphics Data Format
gdiff Generic DIFF. Binary file representing the differences between two files. Details
GDL Graph Description Language. A text-based file format for representing graphs from AISee
GDM Bells, whistles, and sound boards module format
GDS McDonnell-Douglas Things
GED (4) Bitmap Picture; Wicat
GED (2) Arts&Letters Drawing
GED GEDCOM genealogical data file, a popular format for recording and exchanging genealogical data
GED (3) EnerGraphics
GED Graphic Environment Document (drawing)
GED (1) Micrografx Simply 3D Geometry; see S3D
GEM GEM metafile. Vector image that can also contain raster data. Details
GEN Ventura-Generated text file
GEN (2) dBase Application
GEN (1) Ventura Publisher
GEO GeoWorks
GetRight GetRight Unfinished-Download file
GF Font; TeX
GFB Bitmap Picture; GifBlast variation of GIF
GFC Patton&Patton Flowcharting 4 flowchart file
GFI Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GFI Genigraphics
GFI Graphics file
GFM (1) Computer Graphics Meta-file; see CGM
GFM (2) CGM Picture; Ashton Tate Applause
GFO SGI Radiosity
GFT Font; Neo-Paint
GFX Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GFX Graphics file
GHI an INI file for NCSA Mosaic
GHK Sound; Ensoniq Disk Image
GIB Chart; Graph in The Box
GID (1) Help Guide used with Windows HLP
GID Netscape file
GID Windows 95 global index file (containing help status)
GID (2) Intel VTune.
gid used by MSWindows help
GIF Graphics Interchange File. Raster image. [GIF] image/gif
GIM Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GIM Genigraphics
GIM Graphics file
GIW Presentation Picture; Graph in The Box
GIX Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GIX Genigraphics
GIX Graphics file
GKH Ensoniq EPS family disk image file
GKS Gravis GripKey document
GKS Graphics Kernel System
GL Bitmap Picture; GRASP Animation
GL An animation format
GLIF Glyph Interchange Format. Details
GLM Database; Glim
GLO Glossary (generic)
GLY Glossary (Microsoft Word for DOS)
GMC Sound; Game Music Creator
GMF CGM Graphics metafile; WMF
GML Geographic Markup Language. XML encoding for the transport and storage of geographic information. Spec.
GMO GNU Gettext Machine Object.
GNA Graphics file
GNA Genigraphics
GNA Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GNT Generated Code, an executable code in a Micro Focus proprietary format
GNX Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GNX Graphics file
GO CompuServe (MIME: application/x-gocserve)
GOB Programming Library?
GOH Geoworks Header
GOO Picture; Kai's Power Goo morphing program--still or multiple-frames; see AXI
GP Geoworks Glue
GP4 CALS Group4 images
GP4 Group 4 CALS Picture, ITU Group IV
GPL Map Picture; DeLorme Map-n-Go Street Atlas
GPX GPS Data eXchange. XML data format for the interchange of GPS data. More Info.
GR3 Device Driver; Windows 3.0 screen grabber
GR3 Windows 3.0 screen grabber
GRA (1) Microsoft Graph Chart
GRA Microsoft Graph
GRA (2) Sigma Plot
GRA Graphics (Microsoft)
GrADS GrADS Metafile
GRASP Graphical System for Presentation. Details
GRD Grid file, used in image processing of remote sensing data often to form map projections. CHIPS (CopenHagen Image Processing System) uses these files
GRF Grapher (Golden Software) graph file
GRF (1) Graph
GRF (2) Vector Drawing; Micrografx Drawing (old)
GRF (3) Vector Drawing; Micrografx Charisma
GRF (4) Vector Drawing; Graph Plus
GRIB Gridded Binary. Details
GRP Program Manager Group
GRP (2) Bitmap Picture; PixBase Picture Group
GRP Program group file
GRP Program group (Windows 3.x)
GRP (1) Windows Program Group; shortcuts to programs created by Applications Manager; also PAC, DPK, DPG
grp Windows Group File
GS1 Presentation; Graph-Show
GSD Vector Drawing; Professional Draw
GSF Geometry Systems File. 3D vector image for CAD.
GSM US Robotics voice modums GSM w.o. header/VoiceGuide/RapidComm
GSM Raw 'byte aligned' GSM 6.10 audio stream
GSM Raw GSM 6.10 audio stream
GSM US Robotics voice modums GSM w. header/QuickLink
GSW GraphShow
GT2 Graoumftracker (new) music module (MOD) file
GTK Graoumftracker (old) music module (MOD) file
GTP Atari ST
GUP PopMail
GWX Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GWX Genigraphics
GWZ Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GWZ Genigraphics
GX1 Bitmap Picture; Show Partner
GX2 Bitmap Picture; Show partner
GXL Graph eXchange Language. Details.
gz Unix gzip compressed file [gzip]