File Extensions beginning with the letter 'I'

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I Preprocessed C++ compiler code for Intel VTune; use the Microsoft C++ compiler switch /E to create the listing.
I3 Source Code; Modula 3
IAF Document; Interleaf Publisher
IAX Bitmap Picture; IBM Image Access Executive
IBM Writing Assistant
IC? Atari ST
ICA Bitmap Picture; IBM IOCA Bitmap Picture
ica IOCA bitmap
ICA Citrix file
ICB Image Capture Bitmap. Raster image in Targa format (usually TGA extension).
ICC Profile
ICC (1) ICC Profile; International Color Consortium profile for printers, printers, scanners, based on Apple ColorSync 2.0; see ICM, PF
ICC Kodak printer format
ICC (2) IBM C++ Incremental C++ Configuration for a programming project; see ICS
ICE Sound,; CoolTalk -- Internet communications
ICF Cheyenne AntiVirus
ICL Icon Library file (an industry standard)
ICL Icon Library (multiple icons of different resolutions)
ICM Profile
ICM Image Color Matching profile file
ICM ICM profile
ICM ICC Profile; Image Color Matching Profile (like ICC); see PF
icn Windows Icon File
ICN Micrografx
ICN Icon; SunOS
ICO Windows Icon
ICO Icon
ICO Icon; Windows Icon
ICO Windows Icon
ico MSWindows Icon
ico Windows Icon File
ICO Icon
ICS IBM C++ Code store project information, used like MAK; see ICC
ICW Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Connect Wizard
ID Microsoft Data Map (common?); also MAP, DAT
IDB MSDev 'intermediate' file
IDB (2) Inprise (Borland) Delphi Pascal Object file; see DCR, DCU
IDB (1) MDPX file for Microsoft Developer Network
IDC SQL script used with HTX files
IDD MIDI Instrument Definition
IDD Sound; MIDI instrument definition
IDE Inprise (Borland) C++
IDF MIDI Instrument Definition (Windows 95 required file)
IDF MIDI file definition
IDF MIDI Instrument Definition
IDF MIDI instrument definition
IDL Interface Definition Language (Microsoft Visual C++)
idl interface definition language
IDQ Internet Data Query file
IDW Vector Drawing; IntelliDraw
IDX (2) Corel QuickFinder Information
idx database index file
IDX (1) Microsoft Outlook Express Index
IDX Microsoft FoxPro relational database index file
IDX Symantec Q&A relational database index file
IDX (3) FoxPro Index
IDX Microsoft Outlook Express file
IEEE-695 PostScript Document; Hewlett-Packard IEEE 695 Information
IEF Picture; Image [] image/ief
IFD JetForm Design
IFF Interchange File Format. Can contain audio and/or images (or pretty much anything). Details.
IFP Knowledge Man
IFS IBM OS/2 System
IGES Initial Graphics Interchange Specification. Details
IGF Inset Systems metafile
IGF (1) Bitmap Picture; Hijack graphics Bitmap
IIF QuickBooks for Windows interchange file
III Intel I-Phone Compatible, Internet Telephony; see 323 (MIME: application/x-iphone)
IL Bitmap Picture; hDC Computer Icon Library
ILBM Bitmap Picture; Interleaved Bitmap Picture
ILBM A bitmap (graphic image) file
ILD Indented Line Database. Details
ILD International Laser Display. Control file for a laser lightshow. Details
ILK Incremental Link Information; Microsoft Visual C++
IM Performer
im Sun image
IM8 Bitmap Picture; Sun
IMA WinImage file
IMA Vector Drawing; Zenographics image
IMA Zenographics Mirage Graphics File Format
img GEM raster image. Details
IML Picture; Inprise (Borland) Delphi Games Creator Image Library; CRL, MAP, SDL
IMP Spreadsheet; Lotus Improv
IMQ Presentation; Image-Q
INC Assembler language or Active Server include file
inc include file
INC Include; Assembly language header; see EQU, HSM
IND (2) Index
IND (1) Windows 98 Application access and usage log, used for disk maintenance; see LGn
indb Adobe InDesign Book. A metafile for multiple InDesign documents (see .INDD).
indd Adobe InDesign Document
INDIGO Bitmap Picture; Indigo Graphics
INF Setup information
inf MSWindows setup information file
INF setup information
INF (1) Setup Information; If "AUTORUN.INF", an auto-start CD-ROM
INF Information file
INF setup files
INF (2) Adobe Type Manager Font information
inf Windows Hardware Info File
INFO Amiga
INGR Intergraph Raster File Format
INI MWave DSP synth's mwsynth.ini GM-setup
ini Program Information File
INI Gravis UltraSound bank setup
ini initialization file
INI configuration files
INI Initialization file (configuration settings)
INI Configuration Settings
INI Initialization file
INK (2) Pantone Color information; Corel Draw
INK (1) Bitmap Picture; Cross Pad XP handheld digital notepad
INL Inline Function Definitions(Microsoft Visual C++); C++ Inline code (like H, but can include code)
INP Oracle source code for form, version 3.0 and earlier
INRS INRS-Telecommunications audio
INS (3) Sound; Ensoniq Instrument
INS (1) Configuration; Internet Communications Settings; see ISP (MIME: application/x-internet-signup)
INS Ensoniq EPS family instrument
ins install file
INS (2) Sound; AdLib music
INS InstallShield install script
INS X-Internet sign-up file
INS Sample Cell/II MAC/PC instruments
INT (1) Delphi Pascal; Delphi Interface (Include file)
INT Intermediate Code, an executable code produced when a source program is syntax-checked
INT (2) Code page and collation sequence (FoxPro)
INX Database; FoxBase index
IN_ Microsoft Setup information (not compressed-text)
IO Archive; CPIO
IOC Chart; Instant ORGcharting
IOF Findit document
IP Profile
IPL Color Palette; Corel Draw; Pantone
IQY Microsoft Office 97 Internet Query
IQY Microsoft Internet Inquiry file
IRTP Graphicon-2000 Interactive Real-Time PHIGS
ISFF Picture; Intergraph Standard File Format
ISH Archive
ISO ISO 9660 disk image. An exact image (i.e. no compression or such like) of a CD-ROM.
ISP X-Internet sign-up file
ISP Configuration; Internet Communications Settings; see INS, ICW (MIME: application/x-internet-signup)
ISS InstallShield Silent
IST Digitaltracker instrument file
ISU InstallShield uninstall script
isu InstallShield uninstall information file
ISU Un-install Script for InstallShield and Windows 95 UNINST.EXE
IT Impulse Tracker music module (MOD) file
IT Sound; Official Impulse Tracker; see MOD, MID
ITI Impulse Tracker instrument
ITS Internet document set (possibly a Microsoft file)
ITS Internet Explorer Document Set; see HTM
ITS Impulse Tracker sample
IV A file format used in Open Inventor
IV VRML -Inventor VRML Format
IV SGI Inventor
IVD Beyond 20/20 microdata dimension or variable-level file
IVF Video (MIME: video/x-ivf)
IVI MSDN (Microsoft Developer's Network) InfoViewer 5.0 topic
IVP Beyond 20/20 user subset profile file
IVQ MSDN InfoViewer 5.0 index for full-text searches
IVT Beyond 20/20 table or aggregate data file
IVT Microsoft-proprietary InfoViewer Title. Utility to convert ivt to html.
IVU Picture; IVUE Live Picture Drawing
IVX Beyond 20/20 microdata directory file
IW Idlewild screensaver
iwa IBM Writing Assistant document
IWA Document; IBM Writing Assistant
IWC Install Watch document
iwp Wang PC
IWP Document; Wang Document; see DOC
IWZ Install Shield Template for creating software setup wizards