File Extensions beginning with the letter 'R'

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R (1) Resource Compiler; Macintosh Resource (like RC)
R Pegasus Mail resource file
R (3) Sourcer Disassembler; see WDF
R (2) Fortran preprocessor Source code; RatFor
R2D Reflex files
r2d Borland Reflex
R8 Bitmap Picture; PicLab
R8L Font; Hewlett-Packard Laser Printer Landscape Font
R8P Font; Hewlett-Packard Laser Printer Portrait Font
ra RealAudio file
RA Real Audio (From Internet)
RA Real Audio sound
RA RealAudio, Internet sound; see RAW, RM, RPM (MIME: audio/x-pn-realaudio)
RAD Radience
RAD Sound; Reality AdLib Tracker
RAF RAW Fuji. Raster image from a Fuji digital camera [RAW]
RAM Real Audio (From Internet).
RAM RealAudio Sound (MIME: audio/x-pn-realaudio)
RAM RealAudio metafile
RAR RAR compressed archive (Eugene Roshall's format)
RAR Archive; open with WinRAR
RAS Raster. Raster image in Sun workstation native format. Details [] image/x-cmu-raster
RAST Raster. Raster image in Sun workstation native format. Details
RAT Internet; Text-formatted "Recreational Software Advisory Council" Rating for the Internet (WINDOWSSYSTEMRSACI.RAT defines and puts values on morality!)
RAW (1) RealAudio sound; see RA
RAW Raw signed PCM data
RAW Raw File Format (bitmap)
RAY Rayshade
RB1 Database; R:Base
RB2 Database; R:Base
RB3 Database; R:Base
RB4 Database; R:Base
rbf MicroRim R:Base database
RBF R:Base SystemV/5000
RBH Maintained by RoboHELP, the RBH file adds to the information contained in the Help project file
RBH RoboHelp project configuration; see RTA, RTK
rc MSWindows resource source code
RC Resource File
RC Microsoft Windows Resource Compiler; Resource script; see RH
RC2 Microsoft Windows Resource Compiler; Resource script
RCT Microsoft Windows Resource Template; Resource Template
RCV Microsoft Windows Resource Compiler; Resource script
rd3, rd4, rd5 Ray Dream Designer graphics
rdf resource definition framework file [RDF] application/rdf+xml
RDI Bitmap Picture; see DIB, RIF
RDL Descent Registered Level
RDL Paradox
RDOFF Object; Relocatable object file; OBJ
RDX Database; Borland Reflex
REC RapidComm voice file
REC Windows Recorder file
REC Microsoft Windows Recorder macro
REC Recorder macro
RED Clarion Modula-2
REF Reference; (generic name)
REG Registration file
REG Registration files to the registry
REG Application registration file
REG Registration Entries
reg Windows Registration File ( OLE )
reg MSWindows registry text import/export
REN RenderMan
REP Report; Code-Reporter, Data-Boss
REP Visual dBASE report file
REQ Text; Fido Request
RES Compiled Resource (a program, more or less)
RES Microsoft Visual C++ Resource
res MSWindows compiled resource file
REV FrameMaker Document; see MIF
REX OS/2 Rexx Source Code
RF (1) FrameMaker Document
RF (2) RealPlayer Real-flash
RF (3) Bitmap Picture; Sun
RFT Document; Revisable Format Text; IBM DisplayWrite RFT-DCA
rft IBM revisable form text
RFT DCA -Revisable-Form Text Document Content Architecture
RFT Revisable Form Text (part of IBM's DCA or Document Content Architecture)
RGB Red-Green-Blue. Raster image from Silicon Graphics. Details [RGB]
RGBA Red-green-blue Alpha. SGI color raster image with alpha-channel information. Details
RGS Script for Windows Registry
RH Microsoft Windows Resource Compiler Header; see RC
RIA Bitmap Picture; Alpharel Group IV
RIB Renderman Interface Bytestream. Details
RIC Fax Document; Ricoh
RIFF Resource Interchange File Format. Details
RIP Picture; Remote Imaging Protocol
RIX ColoRIX File. Raster image. Details
RL2 Descent2 Registered Level
RL4 Bitmap Picture
RL8 Bitmap Picture
RLA Run-Length Encoded Version A. Raster image in WaveFront format. Details
RLB Harvard Graphics
RLC Bitmap Picture; Image Systems (also IGF, PIX)
RLC CAD Overlay files
RLE Run Length Encoded. Microsoft-proprietary raster image file. Identical to BMP
RLZ Computer Associates Realizer Source code
RM Real Audio video file
RM Sound or multimedia, RealAudio / RealMedia Internet media; see RA, RAW (MIME: audio/x-pn-realaudio)
RMD Microsoft RegMaid document
RMF Rich Map Format (used by 3-D game editors to store a map)
RMI MIDI Sequence (sound) (MIME: audio/mid)
RMI MIDI sequence
RMI MIDI music
RND AutoCAD; AutoShade Rendering
rnd AutoShade rendering file
RNG Ringtone
RNX Real Player RT, RP, RV
ROL Sound; AdLib; Roland
ROM Cartridge-based home video game emulator file (exact copy of ROM contents in cartridges from Atari 2600, Colecovision, Sega, Nintendo, etc.; not interchangeable between emulators)
ROV Rescue Rover data file
ROY TrueType
RP Picture; Real Player Pix; see RT, RV
RP1 Database Text; R&R report file
RPD Database; Ashton Tate RapidFile
RPG The RPG programming language
RPL Document; Apple Macintosh Replica
rpm RedHat Package Manager
RPM RedHat Package Manager package (for Linux)
RPM RealAudio plug-in; see RA, RAM, RM (MIME: audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin)
RPT Microsoft Visual Basic Crystal Reports file
RPT (1) Crystal Reports
RPT (2) Database Report; DataFlex
rpt report
RRS save file for the ace game Road Rash
RSL Paradox (used with FSL)
RSL Borderland's Paradox 7 reports
RSM WinWay Resume Writer resume file
RSP Linker response file (generic)
rss RDF schema ??? (Netscape channel) [rss] application/rss+xml
RT Real Player Text; see RNX, RP, RV
RTA RoboHelp
rtf Rich Text Format document. Word-processing document format supported by Microsoft as a more portable/usable version of the Word DOC format. Details [] application/rtf
RTK Used by RoboHELP to simulate the search feature of Windows help
RTK RoboHelp help project keywords
RTM Real Tracker music module (MOD) file
RTM Sound; Real Tracker Module
RTP Software patch database for RTPatch
RTP Microsoft patch file (usually Microsoft VC++), used with RTPATCH.EXE
RTS (1) RTSL Progressive Networks Real Media (MIME: application/x-rtsl)
RTS RealAudio's RTSL document
RTS RoboHELP to speed complex operations
RTS (2) RoboHelp
RTX Document; Rich Text; see RTF
RUL Extension used in InstallShield
RUL Expert System Rule
RV Movie Clip; Real Player Video; see RP, RT
RVML Rich Vector Markup Language. XML dialect for animation and vector graphics from Kinesis.
RVP Microsoft Scan Configuration file (MIME)
RWS Inprise (Borland) C++ Resource Workshop project
RWX Criterion RenderWare
RWX (1) Netscape Live 3D; see FLR
RWX (2) RenderWare
RXD Database; Borland Reflex
RXX RAR compressed files from a multi-volume archive (xx = a number from 01 to 99)