File Extensions beginning with the letter 'D'

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D00 Sound; AdLib
D64 Commodore 64 Emulator Disk
D64 Commodore 64 emulator disk image file
DA$ Microsoft compressed DAT; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
DA0 Back-up of Windows Registry; see DAT
DAE Digital Asset Exchange. Standardized 3D vector graphics format from the Collada Initiative. [collada]
DAS PackRat Index
DAT System data file
DAT (2) Windows Registry; in the WINDOWS directory, SYSTEM.DAT and USER.DAT; see DA0
DAT WordPerfect Merge Data
dat data file
DAT (3) Btrieve Database
DAT (1) System Data file
DAT Data file
DAT Extension used for some MPEG formats
db Paradox database file
db SmartWare database
DB Borderland's Paradox 7 tables
DB Smart Database
DB Paradox Database
DB Database; dBase; dBFast; Paradox table
DB$ Temporary; dBase; Clarion
DB2 dBase II Database
DB3 dBase III Database
db3 Paradox database file
DBA DataEase
DBA DataEase 4.x
dba DataEase database
DBC FoxPro Database container
DBC Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container file
DBD (1) DemoShield Player
DBD (2) Clarion Modula-2 debug information
dbf database file
dbf Dbase Database File
DBF Oracle 8.1.x tablespace file
DBF Database; dBase or Clipper table
DBF Enable database file (can be opened with Excel 97)
DBF A dBASE file, a format originated by Ashton-Tate, but understood by Act!, Clipper, FoxPro, Arago, Wordtech, xBase, and similar database or database-related products.
DBG CodeView or Intel VTune COFF-format Debugger information.
DBK dBase Backup
dbm DataEase database
DBM Data; DataEase
DBO dBase IV program
DBQ Paradox Database memo
DBS (1) Database; Structured Query Language (SQL)
DBT Database text memo field; Clipper; dBase; FoxPro
dbt database file (???memo fields)
DBW Data; DataBoss
DBX Bitmap Picture; Databeam (raster)
DBX DataBeam image
DBX Microsoft's Visual Foxpro Table
DC Vector Drawing; Delta Cad
DC5 DataCAD Drawing files
dca Visual Basic Active Designer cache file
DCA Document; IBM DisplayWrite DCA Text; Document Content Architecture
DCF HP-95 Comm program settings; see CTF
DCL Inprise (Borland) Delphi Component Library
DCM Bitmap Picture; Wright Design; WDD
DCM DCM module format
DCP Delphi Compiled Package (contains symbols and header information)
DCP (2) IBM OS/2 Data Codepage
DCP (1) Terminal Program; DynaComm Script
DCR Shockwave file
DCR Delphi Component Resource (binary resource)
DCR Digital Camera RAW. Photograph from a Kodak digital camera. [RAW]
DCS Desktop Color Separation file
DCS (1) Bitmap Picture; Desktop Color Separations
DCS (3) Data; ACT! Activity
DCS (4) Color separation of EPS, often by Quark XPress
DCS (2) TIFF-like Bitmap (Quark XPress)
DCT Dictionary. Several programs use this extension. One of the more common ones is sdict. Converters between various dictionary flavors are available
DCT Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container
dcu Delphi compiled unit
DCU Delphi Compiled Unit; object code
DCU Delphi compiled unit file
DCX FAX image (equivalent to multipage PCX). Details
DCX Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container
DD Archive; Macintosh Disk Doubler
DDB Bitmap Picture
DDD Adobe Acrobat Distiller
dde Dynamic Data Exchange
ddf Microsoft deployment wizard CAB information file
ddf Btrieve/XQL/PervsiveSQL data dictionary file
DDF (2) Script Directives for Microsoft MakeCAB; see CAB
DDF (1) Btrieve Database index
DDF Btrieve or Xtrieve Data Definition File, which contains metadata describing a Btrieve or Xtrieve file
DDIF Digital Equipment or Compaq format. Used for storing images and their word processing documents
DDK Family Lawyer Data; see QFL
DDP OS/2 Device Driver; DLL
DEF Module Definition
def linker definition file
def definition
DEF C++ definition
DEF SmartWare II data file
DEFI Oracle 7 de-install script
DEM (1) Picture; VistaPro
DEM (2) US Geological Survey National Mapping Division
DEM A file with USGS standards for Digital Elevation Models
DEM Digital Elevation Model
dep dependency file
deploy Microsoft Clickonce application [ms-clickonce] application/octet-stream
DER Certificate file
DER Internet Security Certificate; see CRT
DEV Device driver; see DLL
DEWF Macintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit recorded instrument format
DFD Picture; Prosa Data Flow
DFI Font; Digifont
DFL OLE2 DocFile
DFM (1) Prosa Data Flow Diagram
DFM (2) Inprise (Borland) C++ Builder or Delphi Form in binary
DFS Sound; Delight Sound
DFX (2) Micrografx Designer Effects
DFX (1) AutoCAD
DG Picture; Autotrol vector graphic
DGM (2) Arcland Flow Chart diagram
DGM (1) Lotus Freelance diagram
DGN Intergraph/MicroStation files
DGN Microstation
DGN Picture; MicroStation
DGN Microstation95 CAD drawing file
DHE Visual Basic Dialog Box help editor Document
DHP Bitmap Picture; Dr. Halo; see PIC
DHT Data; Gauss
DI Sound; Digital Illusion
DIA Picture; Computer Support Corporation Diagraph graphics
DIB Device Independent Bitmap. Microsoft-proprietary raster image file. The same as BMP. Details
DIC Dictionary
dic dictionary
DIC Dictionary
DIC Text file
DID Adobe Acrobat Distiller
DID Data Interchaange Format
DIF Data Interchange Format. Spreadsheet data export by Lotus [DIF]
DIG Digilink format
DIG Sound Designer I audio file
DIP Picture (?)
DIR (1) Video; MacroMind Director, Macromedia Director
DIR Macromedia Director file
DIR (2) ProComm Plus Dialing Directory phone number list
DIZ (2) Description file for Bulletin boards
DIZ (1) Contents; Text Description of a directory
DIZ Description file
DKB Picture; DKBTrace
DL Bitmap Picture; Animation
DLD Data; Lotus 1-2-3
DLG (2) Picture; Digital Line Graph
DLG Digital Line Graph
DLG C++ Dialogue Script
DLG (1) Source code for a dialog box
dll Dynamic Link Library
dll Windows Dynamic Library Link
DLL Application extension (dynamic-link library)
DLL Dynamic-link library
DLL Dynamic Link Library; Application Extension for Microsoft Windows (MIME: application/x-msdownload)
DLL Windows DLL file
DLS Downloadable sound
DMD Visual dBASE data module file
DMD Corel Data Modeling Desktop
DMF X-Trakker music module (MOD) file
DMO Duke Nukem, Redneck Rampage saved game
DMS (2) Archive; Amiga Disk Masher
DMS (1) Packrat Database index
DNG Digital Negetive. Raster image with lossless compression: details.
dob ActiveX document form file
DOC Document: First Choice 3 WP
doc Microsoft WordPad document
doc Document: IBM DisplayWrite
DOC WordStar document
DOC WordPerfect document
doc Microsoft Word document
DOC FrameMaker or FrameBuilder document
doc Lotus Manuscript document
doc SmartWare document
doc MultiMate
DOC Wang IWP files
DOC Document: Atari 1st Word
docm Document with Macros: Microsoft Office 2007 document in XML format with macros enabled [MSOfficeXML]
docx Document XML: Microsoft Office 2007 Document in XML format [MSOfficeXML]
DOO Atari
DOS (2) NDIS (network card) driver
DOS MS-DOS file (also extension for NDIS2 net card and protocol drivers)
DOS (1) MS-DOS (Driver, usually)
DOT (1) Document Template; Microsoft Word for Windows Template; see STY.
dot MSWord document template
DOT (2) Corel Draw line description
DOT Word template
DOT Microsoft Word document template
dotm Document Template with Macros: Microsoft Word 2007 template with embedded macros [MSOfficeXML]
dotx Document Template XML: Microsoft Word 2007 template [MSOfficeXML]
dox ActiveX document binary file
dox MultiMate
DOX Document; MultiMate word processor
DOX MultiMate 4.0
DOX Microsoft ActiveX Binary Form
DP (1) Portable Document; Common Ground Digital Paper
DP (2) Daily Planner calendar
DPG Deleted program group; Windows Applications Manager; see GRP
DPI Bitmap Picture; Pointline
DPK Deleted package, Windows Applications Manager; see GRP
DPL Borland Delphi 3 packed library
DPR Include; Delphi Project main file package declarations
DPR Borland Delphi project header file
DPX Digital Moving Picture Exchange. Video. Details
DRAW Picture; Acorn
DRAW Acorn's object-based vector image file
DRS Font; Corel Draw Perfect
DRV Driver
drv Windows Device Driver
drv driver
DRV Device Driver
DRV Device driver
DRW Pro/E drawing file
DRW Lotus Freelance presentation file
DRW MicroGrafx Draw/Designer vector image file
DS4 Micrografx Designer 4.0 - 4.1 drawing; see DRW, DSF
DSC Microsoft Belief Network (MSBN analyzes and evaluates probability -- well, it's an expert system); very rare; see DSF
DSD Data; DataShaper
DSF Micrografx Designer v7.x
DSF (1) Micrografx Designer 6-7 drawing; see DS4, DRW
dsf MicroGrafx Designer
DSF (2) Microsoft Belief Network Document containing infix formula declarations (not currently used)
DSG DooM saved game
DSK (1) Archive for Lotus Smart Suite setup
DSK (2) Desktop settings for Inprise (Borland) Delphi, Turbo Pascal, C++
DSM Dynamic Studio music module (MOD) file
DSM (2) Sound
DSM (1) Microsoft Developer Studio macro; written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
DSN Object System Designer
DSP (2) Screen Driver; Dr. Halo; see DLL
DSP Microsoft Developer Studio project
DSP (1) Microsoft Developer Studio Project; replaces MAK
DSQ Corel QUERY file
dsr Active Designer binary file
DSS Sound; Digital Soup
DST Embroidery machines graphics file
DST Micrografx Designer Template
DSW Microsoft Developer Studio Workspace; replaces MDP and BLD
DSW Microsoft Developer Studio workspace
DTA Data (generic); PFS
DTA World Bank's STARS data file
DTB Digital Talking Book. XML format for audio books. Details, DTD
DTD SGML Document Type Definition (DTD) file
DTD SGML declaration (Corel)
DTED Digital terrain elevation data (geographic data format)
DTF Q&A Database
dtf Q&
DTF Data; PC-File; Q&A Write
DTF Symantec Q&A relational database data file
DTM Sound; DigiTrekker Module
DTM DigiTrakker module
DTP (4) Timeworks Publisher
DTP (1) Page Express desktop publishing Document; see TPL
DTP (3) Datastorm Technologies, Inc. ProComm Program Patch
DTP (2) Publish-It
DT_ Macintosh data fork
DUN Microsoft Dial-up Networking Export file
dun dial-up networking
DUN Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard configuration (names like ICWX25A.DUN)
DV Digital video file (MIME)
DVI (1) Document; TeX, OzTeX
DVI Digital Video Interface. Details
DVM Digital Video Movie. Video. Details
DVP DESQview Program Information
DVP Digital Video Project. Information about video files. From Ulead.
DW2 Picture; DesignCad
DWB Coryphaeus Software Designers Workbench
DWC Archive
DWD DiamondWare digitized file
DWD Sound; Diamond Ware
DWF Design Web Format. Vector image. Details, including a free viewer from AutoDesk.
dwg AutoCAD drawing. Vector image.
dws MS deployment wizard script
DX (1) Document MultiMate word processor
dx Digital WPSplus
DX (3) Picture; Autotrol Document
DX (2) Document; DEC WPS/DX
DX3 DEC DX files
DXB Drawing eXchange Binary. Binary version of DXF. Details
DXF Drawing eXchange File. AutoCAD vector image in a text-ish version for interchange with other programs. Details
DXN Fax Document; Fujitsu dexNET
DXR Presentation; Macromedia Director Movie; Presentation (several pictures in a file, like MMM; In Microsoft Office Professional, see DCR, MSOffice:VALUPACKOFCOMPATPROJECTPROJ95DM.DXR) (MIME: application/x-director)
DXR Macromedia Director protected (not editable) movie file