File Extensions beginning with the letter 'T'

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T Tape archive; see TAR
T2 TrueType Font
T2T Sonata CAD modelling software file
T3D Turbo 3D. Details
T44 Database; dBase Temporary
T64 Commodore 64 emulator tape image file
T65 Adobe PageMaker Template
TAB (2) Microsoft Map table
TAB (1) Lotus 1-2-3 table
TAB (3) Text; Tab-delimited data
TAB Guitar Tablature file
TAG (2) Database; DataFlex Query
TAG (1) Text; PM tagged text; see TXT
TAL Adobe Type Align
TAP Wave Sound; Action Wave
TAR Tape ARchive. Multiple files joined into a single file, usually uncompressed. [TAR]
TARGA Bitmap Picture; TGA
TAZ UNIX Compress files
TAZ ZIP Archive; TAR Compressed Tape Archive
TAZ Unix Gzip/Tape Archive
taZ tar.Z file--both archived and compressed in unix
TBF (1) Fax Document; Imavox TurboFax
TBF (2) Visual FoxPro offline view
TBK (1) Asymetrix ToolBook
TBK Asymetrix Toolbook interactive multimedia files
TBK (2) FoxPro memo Backup
TBL Table Editor 2.x
tbr HomeSite toolbar
TBS Intel VTune performance monitor
TBX Project Scheduler
TBX TermBase Exchange. XML file containing strings from a program for translation/localization. Also known as DXLT (Default XLT format (XLT: XML representations of Lexicons and Terminologies). Complete specs
TC Agfa Tone Curve, Scanner Configuration
tcl TCL source
TCL Script in the TCL/TK Language
TCL (1) Internet/x
TCL (2) TextPad Clip Library
TCW Drawing; TurboCAD
TDB Database; Tact
TDB Thumbs Plus database
TDDD A file format use by the Imagine & Turbo Silver ray-tracers. Details
TDF (1) Microsoft Setup program Data; see STF
TDF TheDraw Font
TDF Transaction Data Format. Used for importing transactions into ?Microsoft Money?
TDF (2) Bitstream Fontware Description
TDS Inprise (Borland) Turbo Debugger Symbols for debugging
TEF Fax Document; Relisys TeFax
TER Corel Flow line terminator (arrow Picture)
TEX TEX document [TEX]
TFM TeX Font metric
TG1 Project; On-Target
TGA TrueVision Targa raster image. Details
TGZ ZIP Archive; TAR Tape Archive (probably compressed); see GZ (MIME: application/x-compressed)
TGZ Unix Gzip/Tape Archive
tgz compressed archive file
THB Clipart; Hijack Thumbnail
THE Microsoft Plus Pack Desktop Theme
THEME Windows 95 Desktop Theme
THEME Desktop Theme (Plus pack)
THM Clipart; Micrographx Picture Publisher Thumbnail (Bitmap Picture)
THM Desktop Theme (Plus pack)
THN Graphics Workshop for Windows thumbnail
THN THNL An Internet Picture or index (?)
THNL Same as THN
THS Thesaurus
TI Texas Instruments Calculator
tid PFS:Professional Plan
TIF Tagged Image File. Raster image, can have multiple images in single file. Preferred extension is "IFF" [TIFF] image/tiff
TIFF Tagged Image File Format. Raster image, can have multiple images in single file. [TIFF] image/tiff
TIG Tiger file, used by US government to distribute maps
TIP Tip of the day for Microsoft and MFC (C++ class Library) applications.
TK Data; Judy's Ten Key Calculator Tape
tlb registration library (typelib)
TLB OLE Type Library
TLB (1) Windows Type Library (OLE/Database)
TLB (2) Document; VAX Text Library
TLE Two-Line Element set (NASA)
TLH Used by Microsoft MSHTML
TLI Used by Microsoft MSHTML
TLP Tulip. Text-based graph description. Details
TLP Project; Timeline
tmd TextMaker Document. TextMaker is a word processing program from SoftMaker.
TML Terence's Markup Language: text with wiki-ish markup by the creator of ANTLR. Complete specs
TMP Windows temporary file
tmp Temporary File
TMP Temporary file
tmp temporary file
TMP Temporary
TMX Translation Memory Exchange: XML file containing strings from a program that are isolated for easy translation/localization. More information at LISA.
TNY Bitmap Picture; Atari Tiny Picture
TOC (1) FrameMaker
TOC Table Of Contents for an audio CD. Details.
TOC Table of contents of Eudora mailboxes
TOL Kodak photoenhancer
TOS Archive; Atari self-extracting archive
TOS The Operation System for Atari line of 16/32 and 32/32 computers
TP3 Harvard Graphics DOS 3.0 Template
TPL (2) Template for Page Express; see DTP
TPL (3) Harvard Graphics Template
TPL DataCAD Template file
TPL CakeWalk Audio Template file
TPL (1) Lotus Approach Database script
TPM TextPad Macro (Windows text editor); see TCL
TPO Topo! Map Region
TPP Teleport Pro Project
TPP Turbo Pascal Protected Mode Unit
TPU Turbo Pascal Unit
TPZ Archive; TAR or GNU
TRIF Tiled Raster Interchange Format
TRK Kermit scrpit file
TRM Terminal file
TRM Terminal; (generic name)
TRN Translation (Windows)
TRN MKS Source Integrity project usage log
TRN Translation file
TSB TriSpectives 3D Drawing
TSP Windows telephony service provider
TSP Windows telephony Service Provider
TSV Tab-separated values (see also CSV) More details [TSV] text/tab-separated-values
TSX TrueSpace 3D Extension; see DLL
TTC TrueType Font Collection, multiple Fonts in a single file(Far East Windows)
TTF TrueType Font
TTF TrueType font
ttf TrueType font
TTF TrueType font
TTF TrueType Font or Type Type Open Font; see EOT
ttf Windows True Type Font ( Font File )
TTF True Type Fonts
TTK Corel Catalyst Translation Tool Kit
TT_ Compressed TTF
TUT Tutorial (generic)
TV (2) Lotus 1-2-3 world map
TV (1) Paradox. Used with FAM
TVC Lotus 1-2-3 map information
TVS Paradox SQL table view setting
tw Total Word
TW Total Word files
TWF TabWorks file
TWS TextPad0.TWS (Shareware Windows text editor TextPad current settings)
TWT Game; C-Armageddon
TWW Tagwrite Template
TX8 MS-DOS text
TX8 Text Document; DOS PC-8 Codepage 437 character set
TXB Descent/D2 Encoded Briefing File
TXF Archive; see TAR
TXT Text. Plain text document. [TXT] text/plain
TXW Yamaha TX16W wave files
TXW Sound; Yamaha; see WAV
TYM Picture; Time Stamp
Type 42 Font Format
TZ Archive; Linux Compressed Archive; see TAR
TZ Old compression format file